Simple question. Simple answer!

All I want to know is what’s the maximum amp ratting of the Enertion 6372 motors?

Tryed emailing Enertion and Jason but no reply, you think if I was a valued customer after buying two of these motors for $500aud and also live in Australia I would get a response.

If anyone else in this community can give me a answer it would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

86.5 Amps.

Is that all? Can they handle more on burst?, I was hoping to run over 100A continuous

what kinda set up are you running that you need more than 86 amps? I make insane Trampas and I would never dream of needing more than 86a per motor.

There is no information on burst amp rating. I would not go past 86a.

The battery’s are 100c 12s and esc’s are MGM 250A continuous 360 burst…programable my pic tho

I dont think you’ll find the motors as a bottle neck. 12s at 172 amp max is sort of insane and i doubt youll ever actually ever pull 172 amps. ( 172= 86*2) for two motors.

At those amps, your real problems are the connectors and wires lol

Yeh lipo packs mate, 2X 6s 8000mah 100c max amps dual core packs, yeh I’m aware of the conector and battery wire problem, I’ll be running 8 gauge wire for battery wires with extra cap packs. The motor wires are 12gauge… That I can’t change but will be having six wires out of the esc’s to spread the current. MGM are building the controllers to my specs.

Does MGM recommend any out runner motors for their ESC’s?

dont get me wrong, its good to have extra amp head room but I dont think you’ll be using even half of your ESC’s amp rating

Yeh I’m hearing ya man, it’s overkill! My only reasoning with using these esc’s is the constant problems people are having with finding reliable 12s controllers. No wind with his fire works with the roxxys and other various people with maytech and torque boards. They don’t recommend any motors but are aware of my motors specs and say it will work well

Well, if you ask me. ive built very many Trampas and the 12s TB ESC works fine. Only downside is the brakes are pretty bad. Never had a failure with them though (Ive sold many full systems and complete trampas)

Im recently getting into the new VESC-X and the testing is promising.

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MGM say I could use there Cheeper option TMM 14063-3 for Cars X2-SERIES But they will run hotter. I’m going to use the TMM 25063-3 for Cars X2-SERIES That they say would suit a lot better

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What I’m looking for is a lot of amps quickly to the board is a animal on the trigger with heaps of wheelstanding and punch off the mark… Does the TB esc’s offer that?

Specs check out my dude! nice choice.

Short answer- no.
Long answer- It can! you need to use the sensored version of the ESC. Which i happen to have two of them new. With sensors, youll avoid the initial stuttering motors and get great startup torque

One thing MGM had to say is…start off with low setting for testing as they are also worried about me blowing the motors as they are very powerfull esc’s, I hope by trying to rectify one problem(esc’s) I’m not creating another by motor failures :thinking:

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best of luck to you my friend. This is a true over kill board haha. open a build thread with progress! I will follow it

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If you’re worried about the motors blowing up I’d suggest going bigger, I doubt there are 63mm motors that handle more than that unless you custom wind them. Next step up would be like an 8085, with two of those you’d have power coming out of your ears. Those can handle 150A each.

Thanks man I’ve been playing with the idea of 80mm motors, at this stage I’ve got the Enertions so I’m going to run them first…I’ve got the Trampa mounts that doesent allow fitment of larger diameter motors… Unless I make a new inner mounting plate from carbon fibre, I’ve made a template yo do this so somewhere down the track I’ll go down that road.