Single 4800w motor

Hi, I’m looking for a 4800W 160-190kv motor with 8/10 mm shaft . I’ll be happy if someone can send me a link if such a thing exists. Thank you :slight_smile:

I think you’re just looking for a 6374/6380/63100 motor… if that’s the case, check out the motors from @torqueboards

hi, Not exactly ,I’m looking to upgrade my dual 6380 4100w bored to more powerful motors. Do you have anything in mind ? ( the strongest ones I could find were 4600w).

Thanks :sunglasses:

you could get 63100 from APS or step up to 80xx motors.

I´m sure you know that bigger motors will not always bring you more torque and power. your whole system need to be able t work together.

what´s your esc right now and if it´s a vesc based one, which motor and battery max/min values did you set them to?


You need a big battery or you’ll have a bottleneck.


Your max output will still be limited to your batts though… Dual 4600watt motors = 9200watts of power…

Assuming no sag, a 12s lipo/liion batt would need to output 216A of current to reach your motor’s rated peak power… Is your battery capable of that? Are your wires sized for those amps?

In any case, assuming you’ve sized everything appropriately, how about going for a 4wd with another 2x 6380s?


How much current do you allow ur motor to consume in the first place? I doubt you even using 4100W…

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i vote for max 1500W per motor on short intervals. probably even less.:sweat_smile:

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BTW Motor consumes as much current/power as it needs for that load… You can’t just push more current into it :smiley: I am running 6kW motors rarely see them to consume more than 2kW on avg


Why don’t ur max setting get reached on full throttle. Why doesn’t the esc increase the load by accelerating faster.

I mean I get top peaks but on avg normal riding its near 2kW I can’t sustain full throttle all the time, I mean you can’t handle wheelies and crazy torque all the time

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Thank you everyone, super helpful.

The thing is that I also use my board to toe other people on skateboards so I need a bunch of torque. But yeah I usually only use something like 3000W combined.

Change ur current settings

6000w for a single or combined?

Single, I am running 2 x 80100

I’m interested in the 63100 with its giant stator and no room for a sensor board, with encoders for start up and smoothness, thinking the power vs weight could be way cool

Battle hardened of course

I can imagine battle harden is a pain in the a** They so long that you will have problems to reach the last corner.

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Remove the grubs holding the shaft and take it out, there is more room to manoeuvre? = easier?

that´s always a good idea, buuuut you know the grub screws like to strip :wink:

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Only get one chance to harden the motor correctly, worth it? think so

Removal should be with a Hex plus key of course. It really does help so much. That and the hardened 12.9 grubs. Probably sensible to replace them if they show any sign of deformation.

If all else fail heat and a torx key

But you’re the master of hard :bowing_man: