Single 6S Battery BMS Layout and Parts?


I have an electric skateboard I built myself last year, but I’m looking to simplify the charging process allowing me to charge the board with a single laptop charger. I’ve been trying to read as much as possible, but I’ve been really confused by all the different options and diagrams. I think my board is quite simple, I’ve got a single 6S lipo battery, 260Kv 6354 Motor and 150A ESC.

Would really appreciate any help or advice you guys could offer.

Cheers, Ben

You need a 6s bms that hooks up pretty easily to your balance leads. Then buy a real 25.2v charger for $25 or so.

the bms is a battery management systen that balances your cells and and can mount inside an enclosure. Just plug in your charger by 1 wire and you start charging