Single Belt Drive TorqueBoards 6380 | 10s 60c 5000mAh lipo battery | Charge Only Bms | Flipsky FSESC 4.12 | MBS AT wheels | TorqueBoards 218 trucks

I’ve a DB coreflex crossbow longboard for around a year, and I finally decided that I wanted to make it electric. I live in connecticut where there are almost no flat roads; so I needed hill climbing power. I also wanted to keep the cost as low as possible while still using high quality parts. This forum was very helpful, especially @Namasaki and this build thread: I’ve finally finished my board and put around 20 miles on it. IMG_2365 Here is my parts list: Motor: 6380 170kv TB motor Battery: Five 2s 60c zippy batteries from hobbyking in series BMS: cheap charge only bms VESC: Flipsky FSESC 4.12 Controller: TB Nano Remote Trucks: TB 218mm trucksI Wheels: MBS AT 100mm Bushings: Orangatang Nipples Enclosure: Custom Fiberglass Enclosures Pulleys: 14t to 40t tb 15mm pulleys I wanted this board to be able to tackle any hill and still reach a top speed of 25mph, and that’s exactly what I got. I run my motor at max 80 amps and min -80 amps and the vesc has handled it fine. The motor doesn’t;’ even get warm. However, It is currently 25 degrees farenheit outside, so that helps with cooling. I love my board, but I have some complaints about it.

  1. Single drive isn’t ideal for hill climbing and descending. It’s not because the motor or vesc can’t handle it, it’s because of traction. Although my wheel only slips when going up the steepest hill in my neighborhood, a 40% grade, going down steep hills is a problem.
  2. Ground clearance. I like keeping my board close to the ground for comfort and stability, and I like the flexy deck for softening my horrible roads, but this leaves little room for the battery and motor.IMG_2377 IMG_2372 I plan on getting a stiffer deck ad running the battery flatter on the board. Also, I have room to move my motor up a little bit.
  3. The overall look of the board. This doesn;t matter that much, but I plan on upgrading a few things in the future. First of all, I want to make new enclosures that are better made, run further from the ground, and have better integration of the percentage meter, charge port, and anti spark connector. My current ones are very ugly:IMG_2382 IMG_2368 Also, I only picked the silver motor because the black one was out of stock, and I think this color doesn’t match the board at all. Finally, I need to finish the grip tape and make the external wires look better. I put in a lot of work and made this grip tape pattern completely by hand, but I ran out of grip tape before I could finish. IMG_2366
  4. The gear ratio. When I was plugging numbers into a calculator, 25 mph seemed like it was way to fast. Now I ride at full throttle on all but the bumpiest roads. Also, there is plenty of torque; the board can start up a 20% grade hill while rolling backwards. I want to lower the gear ratio to use some of that torque to get more speed.

In the end, I am very happy with my build, and I wanted to share it with the community that helped me learn how to make it. If anyone has any suggestions for cheap, rigid deck or tips with making fiberglass enclosures, they would be greatly appreciated. I’ll post some videos of me riding it tomorrow, and I might do a full range test. So far I have drained the battery to 37.6 volts after going 7.2 miles, up and down some really steep hills.


Increase the number of teeth on the motor pulley; don’t reduce the teeth on the wheel pulley.

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does your belt slip at all? i would think with all that power it would slip or you would have belts snapping left right and center

It hasn’t slipped or snapped yet. The belts are 15mm wide, so they should be pretty strong. Also, since I used the reverse motor mount, the distance from the motor to the pulley is very long. This helps keep more teeth from the belt on the pulley at one time.

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Why this ?

I just went from 15-36T to 15-32T, didn’t ride it yet so I don’t really know how it’ll feel. 8S tho, so the main goal was to get a higher top speed.

Hey Dude. So I have been looking at this deck. How do you like it?

Does it go well with the TB 218s. I am working on a build repurposing the battery pack for my Evolve Bamboo. I plan on using TB 218s and 90mm Abec 11s. I have a Rayne deck that I was going to use that I like, but I have been pondering getting something flexible, since the Evolve pack can handle it. It is going to me more of a low speed carve board.20190518_170244

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I really like the deck. It carves nicely and has the perfect amount of flex. It can hit 25 mph and stay stable while remaining carvy at low speeds. The torqueboards trucks go well with the deck. I was able to fit 6-inch pneumatics with no risers and not have any wheel bite. I’m actually parting out this board and selling it to fund a mountain board build. If you want to buy the deck, let me known. I would be willing to sell it for around $60 shipped.

thanks man. Appreciate the reply. Appreciate the offer as well. I ended up pulling the trigger on the regular drop through coreflex. they had a B grade for 89 bucks so not too bad.