Single cell high capacity lipos? Super slim pack?

Hey guys. Browsing eBay I stumbled upon this-

How would you feel about building a super slim 10s or whatever pack with these?? Has anyone done this? Is there a lot of risk involved directly soldering individual lipo packs??

Pretty inexpensive as well. Id be skeptical of the quality of the cells though, at that price point.

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Most lipo cells have aluminum tabs, which means regular solder won’t stick to them, no matter how much flux you use. You can either spot-weld the tabs or get special aluminum solder and flux.

I’ve seen several builders that have taken apart multicell lipo packs to rearrange the cells into a thinner pack. It’s a delicate and involved process.

Lipos are fussy, delicate and always want to be on fire at the best times. I personally wouldn’t touch this project with a 10ft fireproof pole, but that’s just me.

I can’t comment on the quality or process as such but I’ve also been wondering whether this would be a good way to go if you were to build with lipos just because of how you could design the packs - and how slim you could get it to the deck.

I came across this video and quizzed the guy in the comments on the pack he was using and he evetually shared with me his build thread:

Youtube Video Build Thread

So totally doable.

I’d also be really intersted to hear others experience building with single cell lipos and any options for quality cells.

I highly doubt that thing is 10000mah, also look at this review

I’m certain that’s not a high discharge cell and its not that small to begin with, they’re what’s in the cheapo power banks Dimensions: 8.8 x 70 x 129 mm

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37wh for $7 hum… :thinking: 370wh for $70? Even if it’s low current rating, it still doesn’t sound very legit considering it’s lipo. Better spend your money on authentic cells like samsung 30q, it’s not worth the risk. :mask:

The wires coming off of that lipo are already really thin and there isn’t even something like a C-Rate or current capability given in the specs, so i wouldn’t do an esk8 with that particular cell.

However on better Lipo cells it’s definitely possible to do so. I used that technique in my first build. But it’s really a pain in the ass, the lipos i had didn’t have a pcb to which the cells were soldered but instead they were spot welded together. Once i seperated them (shorting them a billion times in the process) i used aluminium based solder to tin the tabs with an even coat, then regular solder with flux to attach the wires. Worked out kind of well in the end although i would do a MUCH better job insulating and protecting everything the next time around.

Well tbh next time i will just go with 18650 cells since i don’t have old big lipos laying around anymore and spot welding seems kind of fun compared to this.

image image

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I agree with @scepterr on this one. Those look like power bank cells capable of only 1-2 amp discharge. The output wires are a dead give away.


If you wanna build a slim battery pack, use cells with higher discharge rate these won’t give you ‘power’. I really like building a slim pack and used hobbyking 5Ah 20C cells: I have a 10S1P and a 6S2P with these cells and works great.