Single Drive offroad trucks (new)

I have these that I don’t want. They are free if you pay to ship. They are offroad skate trucks, as seen with e-glide

I can send a spare wheel and tire too


are these wider than normal longboard trucks? I’m super interested if I could fit two larger motors on one truck!

Where are you located?

I am interested in one or two. It would be nice to know shipping costs to Europe.

Just answer me those questions! :smiley:

Hey Tronik, I’m in CA, how much will shipping be? I need 2.

are the bushings interchangeable ? they look old and poopy here

yes they are over 20’

160 Venetian Way Merritt Island FL

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You tell me the shipping costs, I am in 32953 I already have one spoken for,

BTW I only’ have 3 or 4, and Im kinda busy so they wont go out for a while, ask MMAnner he already paypal me $ to ship, but luckiliy he patient if you want put your adress below

if they can fit in a flat rate box i’ll take a set. i’m in LA.

ok first three address’s posted, then im out, wait up to 2 weeks to ship, they are heavy, I will get back to you with shipping costs when the boxes are ready, it may takeup to two weeks, and I may have to send each truck in a separate box.

i dont see and adresses, lol

Mr. MANNER i can give you a motor to go with it if you want,. its up to you to pay extras hipping

ive got a few

Ive got motors, but I appreciate it :). I really just want the trucks, building a aluminum board with skikes (5x1 pneumatics).

I am on the sf area. Would love a set trucks and wheels too if you still have it.

Thank you