Single focbox is gone

So I was on the enertion site and the single focbox is no longer available so suggestions for a new vesc would be great

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@OllinBoardCompany vesc


Ollin or a vesc 6 variant

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Faster muahahah

You may be faster but I offered more options hah hah


Looks like I need to step up to the plate and get my design out. If only I can solve why the MCU does not power up with my design.

Lol, that is one pretty big problem as it won’t run at all without the mcu haha. Although I guess the fix shouldn’t be too hard once you find it

I wanted to get the unity but I’m not sure if I’m prepared to wait til after February. I was willing to use single focboxes if i could get them by the end of the year. I’ve been eyeing the flipsky esc’s lately. Can anyone vouch for their reliability?

Or, search it

for a tldr, it performs fine most of the time, but alot of users are having issues with voltage readings


also i think that has some

unity is coming.


@torqueboards vesc.