Single Hub motor & VESC Sale. $210 Shipped

I need money for my new MTB so time to sell my extra Single Drive 83mm! It’s an old design off of the Jacob’s Hubs just with the harder Urethane and better heat dissapation, this kit comes with a Vesc as well. $210 Shipped.

Technicals: 83mm Diameter 50mm contact patch 67kv For motor Paris Hanger and stuff 85a Hub motor Urethane. 80a for other wheel.

I don’t need it!

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Interested but how does it ride

Killer. I rode it today, a 220lb man (not recommend weight) was going 20mph on a 10s. It’s so quiet and thats why I love these Hub motors.

Will this single handle hills? I also run 10s

Yes of course Lol. Just make sure its not more than a 15 Degree slope because it will cause the Urethane to slip due to heat. But a hill every now and then should be okay.

Pm me then