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Single motor driving two wheels? [Solved]

Is it possible to do a single motor driving two wheels with the same gearings like this ?

The attachment for the sk3 6374 motor had a 10mm shaft . I could just get a pulley with 10mm shaft and run a belt on it to drive both wheel :0

This isn’t going to work. There are lots of reasons why and there are lots of threads about it. Search for this and you will get all the answers you want


Yeah you right dumb question

Long story short, it will work, but not very well. Since both wheels are locked together, it’ll cause wheel slip on corners, it’ll be worse at turning, and the constant wheel slip will cause the wheels to wear out faster than they would normally. The belts will also be under much more stress than they normally would, as well as the motor’s shaft, which could lead to belt slippage or breakage, and bent or broken motor shafts.

It’ll work, in the short term, but not very well.


Well it’s not dumb many have had this idea even I have but it won’t work because when you turn, one wheel must turn slower

There was a thread on this a while back and the guy was sure it was a great idea. The thread was called something like “riding skateboard in a different way” or something along those lines.
It sounds like a bad idea but I guess there is only one way to know for sure.
Try it for science…

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You would need a differential to let them spin at different speeds

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This dosn’t work. see my the below picture.


to make it work, you could put a one way spin bearing on one end. (my English is not good, not sure what it shall call this bearings)


this is the bearings need to use on this idea. inner and outer ring both need fix.

and need a mount to hold 2 of these bearing. big work for this idea…meybe a normal dual motor would be better.


Haw are these things called?

you mean the bearing in my picture? I dont know how it call in english…

Yes, these things i mean. Tell me in your language i’ll google it:p

We call it : 单向轴承 here in chinese.

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@Nordle They are caled “one way clutch bearings”

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jenso bro @Nowind you got time to drop us a link or some knowledge?

I got no expierence with single motor / dualdrive setups… sorry

Im not convinced, not because any of the arguments against it are wrong, but because the arguments made might not have as large of an impact as suggested. It might even work well enough that it would be better to deal with increased resistance to turning over dealing with the torque steer issues 1wd boards have. I wish someone would just do this already so we’d have a concrete example to reference.

My thoughts on this:

Skateboard trucks arent very wide and dont all allow that many degrees of turning (especially those of us using low angle baseplates and stiff bushings for high speed stability). Both those facts would serve to reduce to difference in arc length during a turn which would minimize the inside wheel skidding that’s suggested to occur. Consider that a single wheel on the ground as it turns also has a different length path for its inner edge and outer edge while turning, but we dont notice the inside edge of the wheel skipping of skidding.

As for extra wear on the belts, wheels and motors: Sure, but how much?

Would the wheel wear more from tjis set up than hard carving does on a normsl setup?

How much wear would this set up cause compared to the wear created by hard braking and acceleration?

When it comes to the forces on the motor and mounts on this set up I think it might actually be better as the mounts and motors would be under equal load from both sides rather than being pulled to just one side. Ive seen many pics of mounts bent to one side before.

@twan i think you should try it and let us know how it woirks whether good or bad so we can put this question to rest once and for all. Id try it but after moving to direct drive I dont think Ill ever come back to belts :sunglasses:


do it and then report back your findings.