Single Motor Electric Skateboard- Focused On Hills

Hi guys, it’s my first time making an electric skateboard and I was wondering if you had any suggestions:

Motor: SK3 6364 190kv

Batteries: 2 x 5mAh 4S1P 25c in series for 8S VESC: Torque VESC diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ Remote: Benchwheel from Taobao

I hope this board will cope with the hills where I live (Worcestershire, England) I weigh around 60 kilograms. Could anyone recommend a gearing set up?

Many thanks, Rory

Hey Rory,

Your setup looks good so far, though personally I’d go at least 10s on battery. As for gearing, I recommend going no tighter than 2.4:1 (eg 36/15) depending on your hills. If your hills are rough or long you’d be better off with 13/14T on the pinion pulley.

I would like to do that however I can’t seem to find any 5S batteries that my budget would allow. Could you recommend any? If not don’t worry

I buy mostly Li-ion, not so much lipo so I don’t think I’d be much help sourcing those. Why not build your own pack? If you have a decent soldering iron or spot welder, it should be fairly straight forward.

Due to my inexperience I think I’ll stick with lipo for starters and then upgrade at a later date. Thanks for the help though

If you want to go faster than 10 mph on moderate hills, I would recommend at least a dual drive. Mono drive + hills usually results in broken belts if your tension is not correct too (depends on your weight plus riding style). Wider belts help, for example, 12mm is better than 9mm for a mono drive.

@Jinra is pretty experienced (far more so than me) with belt drive gearing, so I second his opinions there.