Single motor esc and dual motor esc FOR SALE [EU]

Hi, I’m seling these escs. I switched to hubs so they are just laying around. They are for brushless motors and not for the hubs. The dual one currently doesn’t have an XT60 on it but I’ll solder it before I ship it.

The dual motor esc is 50 euros + shipping, and the single motor vesrion 30 euros + shipping I’m in Croatia so for people in EU there will NOT be any import taxes etc.


Ok interested in dual. Whats the brand? And how much for ireland? Any motor you have for this esc?

The shipping to ireland is 8 euros. I dont have any motors and it is an esc that is used in boards like riptide etc. It can work on 6S, 7S and 10S, currently it is set up to 10s but I can change it for you if needed.

Send me your accnt detail ill send the money.

Quick question what voltage it is. Can you give me a website where i can buy battery for this one. Im new to this build. Thanks

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I have to withdraw my offer. Found better deal.

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Interested in the single esc. Are you willing to ship to US (92102 zip code)?

I’m in San Diego and might have one if it made it out of the fire

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PM’d 10char

Is the dual drive still available and does it come with a remote

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I highly doubt it young grasshopper. It was 2 years ago. But I have a couple if you need.

What dual drive esc’s do you have available

I have a maytech with anti antispark. I have a pair of maytech supers 4.12. A pair of idek what brand they are but they are just like the maytechs. A flipshit 6.6 and more focbox’s than one human needs. And also a couple chinese ESCs. But i have the ultimate best ever… Lingyi esc. Best esc ever. 200a continuous maybe even 400a. Idk no one does because they are scared of it’s power.

I just need something cheap and decent with a controller for dual belt drive

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I would be interested in the ESC’s you have if you are looking to sell them. What do you have and what are the prices?

I need an esc which can handle dual motors.

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ur joking about the ling yi right? isn’t that what diyeboard uses?

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Lol. Lingyi best ESC ever. 400a peak.

then give me a link to where i can buy one

I’m just fucking with you. If you have read any amount of anything on any of the forums you would know this.

i know that. wanted to see how far you wanted to take the joke

Zdravo Imaš še za Dual motor esc, samo imam verreal rs, ko ji ima dosta močne motorje baje 1500w,dali bi radio? Sem v sloveniji