Single motor esc substitute for sale [Europe]

Hi, I’m selling an used esc substitute. I’m selling it because I got a dual one. I works as new, it’s just a little dirty and I didn’t want to scrape the board so I don’t damage something. It has built-in on/off switch with a light and it comes with a remote. I ship from Croatia and that means no import cost for all EU countries.

Price: 30usd + shipping

The battery voltage can be changed, currently it is for 10s but If you need it for 6s or 7s, tell me before I ship it and I’ll change it.


is this for belt or hubs?

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Hi. It’s for belt motors

Rough shipping costs to barcelona spain?

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It’s 13 usd

Still not sold.

Ill take this

Still selling this?

still available?