Six Shooter Wheel Questions

Hi guys,

Just picked up some six shooters because I don’t have the commitment to go full Trampa yet and my Torqueboards 12s4p with single 6374 motor runs amazingly as is. I always like to get all my ducks in a row when I order something and found the website a little confusing, but it’s probably just my inexperience still. I currently use 14/36T gearing with my Torqueboards build and I saw that it comes with the wheel pulleys but was wondering if my 14T pulley’s would suffice or if I might have to switch out. Secondly, I can only assume I need to use different belts than the HTD-265-5M’s I’m using. Can anyone give a little knowledge as to gearing and belt size for these wheels so I can have my stuff prepared to hit the streets when they arrive? @psychotiller

HTD 5 timing belts are pretty common. local bearing supplier should have some. come in standard sizes. Dave should be able to tell you what length belt should suit. ratio wise the closer to 1:1 the faster you go at a trade off of torque. about 4.5:1 is pretty good for 200mm wheels. calculator here{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:10,“motor-kv”:190,“system-efficiency”:85,“motor-pulley-teeth”:14,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:72,“wheel-size”:200}|

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Depending on where you’re located Motion Industries, Applied Industrial Technologies, Jason Belting, MSC, Grainger, Mcmaster Carr etc

  1. In the esk8 calculator enter wheel and motor pulley teeth count, motor kv, diameter of new wheels, battery S count and use 85% of efficiency, this will give you the correct wheel pulley teeth count for the required target speed.

  2. Go to:

And enter these info: wheel and motor pulley teeth count, distance between centers and Htd5 for the type of pulley.

That will give you the requiered belt length, buy the first size up

  1. Go to buy your belt

Congrats on ordering the six shooters. Which size pulleys did you ask for? The choice is 60T or 42T. I personally use 60T because I don’t want to go 42mph :open_mouth: and I wanted the torque. I weigh in at about 220lb. I found that using less than 15T motor pulleys would give me a bit of belt slip when braking. I bought extra versa pulleys from a supplier close by me so I could add an extra piece and use 15mm wide belts.

Here is my setup on the esk8 calculator. Running 4:1. I’m using surfrodz tkp’s so this is plenty fast.

Is the calculator working for you? It gives me a 404 error

You know I didn’t see anywhere to select a pulley with it, should I just message in?

Yup send him a message. They are 12mm 42T or 60T. He also has 12mm wide 16T motor pinions and 340 and 345mm length belts too and more sizes. If you figure it out in time you can save on shipping from somewhere else.

Yes just used it on my iPad

So I ordered these almost 3 weeks ago now and am not getting replies from @psychotiller Anyone else having issues reaching him? No replies to my messages

I replied to your email twice! Check your spam folder. If you can’t wait a few more days let me know here. I’ll quickly refund you.


He’s shipping them now, CNC machining takes time but the end result is amazing, mine should come on to tomorrow


Hey man, been checking it and hadn’t seen any messages, I’ve got patience and no need for a refund, I just wanted an update and wasn’t seeing one, no stress, just wanted an update!



This thread title is perfect hope you don’t mind op.

@psychotiller are the six shooters raw or clear coated? Have you ever tried painting them for science? Anyone else? I’m seriously considering it.

We have anodized a couple of sets with great results