Sixshooters Drivetrain

Been searching all around but I cannot for the life of me find any info on a drivetrain for the Sixshooters, calculated that I’ll need 16T for the motor and 72T for the drive wheels (Going for dual).

The 16 tooth is no problem, but I can’t find any gearing near 72T that is compatible with Sixshooters.

I’m Probably just missing something but any help would be appreciated.

you mean psychotiller’s six shooters? they work with these no?

Yep. Seems like it. Just me being a bit stupid.

Why in the world would you need 72t on a sixshooter wheel? Also, I include 60t or 42t pulleys on request with my wheels. Say’s pretty much anything that can or should be said about my wheels on my site. …Words- you gotta read 'em


I will say reading is one thing… comprehending on the other hand… whole other ball game… Unfortunately, I often fail at both.