Sk3 245kv measurements for motor mount

Hi guys! I’m waiting for my sk3 245kv motor, it’s on backorder for now. But till i’m waiting i want to make motor mount. I just need exact measurements of motor front, so i need to know where to make a holes and how big. I mean that part of motor mount where motor are attached to. Maybe some of you guys can help me with some drawings? And my center distance will be 67mm, it is o.k. for gear 15/36 with 265mm belt?

From the dimensions provided on Hobby King.

Thanx a lot!

15/36 at 67mm center distance is correct.

Maybe go just shy of 67 and use oversized holes or slots if you can to pull it tight since it says its over by 0.7mm. Which I dont think is a huge deal.

Yeah, motor mount will be adjustable 4mm to each side, 67 will be center.

Come on, man! Where did you get this second drawing with hole measurements? I just got my sk3 245kv motor and guess what, all my work now in garbage! That circle is not 32mm in diameter it’s 44mm! I’ve tried to save that mount, made another holes, but now it is too thin wall between old holes and new ones 1,5-2mm so it’s in f***ing bin right now. By the way 32mm is between holes if you draw a square not circle diameter! I’m angry…

Thin washers can’t save it?

Holy shit man!? I had no idea. I literally just went to the hobby King page and looked at the dimensions provided! I feel pretty shit. I’m so sorry.

Sounds like you need to measure twice and cut once…

Miss-information abounds and if you rely on others to find your info for you it looks like you get to redo your work. When i doubt - measure it yourself, and measure it twice.

JP was trying to help you and you sound like a whiny little kid. Own your own mistakes.

It looks like it’s direct from HK, so why don’t you email them about your wasted time and mount in the bin.

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pics of the mount?

I can’t find that second drawing (front of the motor) in HK! I was hoping in that time that somebody who really have that motor would give me those hole measurements, don’t worry my anger become in new creation mood:)

Ah I see what you mean. The second drawing was just a quick to scale sketch I had drawn up in solidworks for you. Again, no idea that 32mm meant square. I actually find that quite bizarre, the main profile of the motor being circular, the most natural way I would think to dimension a series of holes is with the diameter on which they all fall, presumably separated by 90 degrees. Sorry for the trouble it has caused you.

I’ts o.k. i will make even better motor now, with more experience. Also you got some new experience with circles and squares. Community is power, take care!:slight_smile: