SK3 Motor, 12s ESC, Caliber Trucks, FS-GT2B


I have a few things for sale - I started building a board but money got tight and so did time. I’d like to sell everything for $220, but can part out if that doesn’t work.

EDIT: Parting out. Would like to keep things as bundled as possible but let me know what you’re interested in!

  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 Motor 168KV

SOLD - TorqueBoards 12s 120A ESC w/ Programming Card

SOLD - FrSky GT2B Transmitter w/ Receiver

  • Black Caliber trucks (original, not the Caliber II’s)

  • Pyschotiller Flagship enclosure

The transmitter is brand new, and everything else is used. I purchased the SK3 and ESC from someone here on the forums who had used them briefly, but I never did. The trucks came off an old longboard of mine and would work well if you’re going a DIY motor mount route.

Like I said, $220 for all would be best case scenario. I can take PayPal or Venmo. Let me know if you’re interested!


Dibs on the GT2B!!!11

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Oh, forgot to mention I also have a psychotiller flagship enclosure! Will throw it on for $20.

Incase anyone else wants to know, what KV is the 6374?

Sorry about that! It’s 168KV. I’ll update the post!

Pic of the enclosure and measurements?

Approx 7.5" x 16". It’s the Flagship model - looks like @psychotiller is only selling the Flagship v2 online now.

Fair price for the enclosure shipped to Florida?

Not entirely sure yet – gotta see what kind of package I can fit it into. I’d also like to see if I can sell the lot first, but I’ll keep you posted if that doesn’t work out!

If the lot doesn’t sell I’d like to call dibs on the enclosure for $20 plus shipping.

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Hey those aren’t caliber trucks. They are rkp clone trucks. Nice enclosure.

Oh - they came on a board I bought and say Caliber on them so I assumed they were. Thanks!

Nope! Caliber 1’s look exactly like caliber 2’s. 1’s were just better made and a little bigger.

The trucks you have are randal clones.

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How much on the ESC shipped calif?

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Sent you a PM!

Any updates?

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Everything still available!!

what’s your price for the programming card alone?

I’d really like to sell that with the ESC but if I let it go without I’ll let you know!

Do you still have the FrSky GT2B Transmitter w/ Receiver? If so I’m interested.

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