SK3 Motor Bolt Pattern

Anyone have the bolt pattern for a Turnigy SK3 63mm series (sk3 6374 149kv or 190kv)


They run either 44mm or 30mm. I think they are 30. I have never used an SK3 to know. Someone else would have to confirm.

I can measure it later when I am near my board if no one else replies before then.

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I just measured mine at 31.5mm center to center in a square pattern.

Like this?

That is correct. I’ve heard of some people using 32mm spacing successfully, but using a pair of nice calipers on my sk3 and tacon, it really looks like 31.5mm. Anyone know what the standard spacing should be?

The pages on hobbyking for that entire series specifies 32mm bolt spacing.

Do you have a link Brandon. I could not find any specs for those series.

The proper way to measure is diagonally. Not side to side. They have 44mm hole spacing.

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What does hobbyking specify when they say “screw spacing” then?

They are the original reason for the confusion. They don’t know the difference either.

I’ll take your word for it then, 44mm on the diagonal.

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ahaa, and 44/sqrt(2) = 31.1 on the square sides! :smiley:


I confirm the 44mm on diagonal, about 150 fitting Motormounts cant be wrong :wink:

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