SK3 Small Dual Motor GroupBuy

Hello, As you know I made a GroupBuy for the big single motor drive systems.

I got many suggestions to do a Dual Motor drive buy. Just to get a count of how many people would be interested. If I can get a solid count, then I can probably get the motors at the same time as my other groupbuy. I asked for prices, so just give me a few days to post it here.

In the meanwhile, I asked for these motor types:

-Standard shaft (to keep costs low and delivery time faster) -With and without sensors -6355 (200/230/250)KV -6364 (190/213/245)KV These are not the final order types AND will be changing as more information comes to me.

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I wld be in for 2 6355 200kv .

I would take two sensored (+silicone wire) 6374 85kv if i could get that kv. @barajabali can you post a picture how they add sensors?

I could get 2 6355 200kv

I could be in for 2x 6355 200kv with sensors depending on prices and shipping to sweden.

Is it possible to have them being made with 12 or 14awg silicone wire?

yes ill find one

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They told me that I’ll get the prices when they get back to work on the 10th.

how long can we expect the wait to be? how much should we expect shipping to cost?

If the motors are not sensored then it will take about 20 days to get to me after they receive payment. If they are sensored they may take upto 40. Will have to see if the deadlines are the same for smaller motors as they were for the larger motors.

I’m in for unsensored !

i’m in for uncensored ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

(i’m not actually in, i just wanted to lennypost)

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Also, I want to let everyone know that I wont be getting any small motors for myself. So in that case, if it will be possible for everyone to agree on 1-2 types with a MINIMUM of 5 motors for each type.

…This group buy Don’t look to promissing ??

No update as of yet from them. Still on CNY until Feb.10.

all joking aside i wish there was a sub 200kv sensored option, i’d be all over that

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If there is enough people wanting that then I can go with it. MOQ’s are atleast 5 motors. Going to make a poll just for visual and a knowledge of what is being favored at the moment. Please vote for a first choice and second choice. I am not sure if it will let you change your vote.

name=6355 Motor

  • ->200KV
  • ->200KV Sensored
  • ->230KV
  • ->230KV Sensored
  • ->250KV
  • ->250KV Sensored

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name=6364 Motor

  • ->190KV
  • ->190KV Sensored
  • ->213KV
  • ->213KV Sensored
  • ->245KV
  • ->245KV Sensored

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Bump, fill out poll in post 17. Another Bump

Please vote on post 17,

For prices.

Edit:most accurate pricing, no extended shafts.

Hi, is this possible for EU peeps? The shaft on this one’s are 6 or 8mm? I will be up for 2, 6355 250kv or 270kv. If it’s 8mm Thanks dude to make the group possible.

I’m in the US, shipping will be expensive to you. I don’t know if there is a EU Groupbuy for this, Ajay had a Groupbuy 1-2 weeks ago, (just checked if he had any spares, seems like negative).

I would recommend that if you want, you could organize the GB for EU, I can help with whatever you need. Or if you really want me to ship to you that’s fine with me.

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