SK3 wanted 6374 192kv - located in melbourne aus

they are sadly out of stock from hobbyking, maybe a fellow member has a working one or preferably new one lying around, only after one. thanks

Have one in box, never used 149kv. Gonna be costly to aus tho.

I’d recommend these instead:

are the sk8 motors reliable ???

Theres a whole thread about them here somewhere… holdon

recommend Maytech MTO6374‐170‐HA‐C. You can buy from the link below.

i havent heard of any issues with the sk8. can you not get it from the international warehouse?

I’ve got 2 of those motors. just letting you know it’s an absolute pain in the ass to mount onto tb218s. just sayin g😃


it’s in stock there. if you’re doing a big order try to change everything in your cart to international. it takes like 4 days from Hong Kong. my order to Sydney took about that long

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I have 2 15532501900877506897379274438192

yeah im using the hk mounts and pulleys so it should mount just fine

yeah im leaning towards buying it all from the international warehouse

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hk mounts dont mount onto tb trucks. also the mounts are thick as so it’ll be difficult. get @dickyho mounts. much easier

im using caliber 11 trucks that have been modified

have they had a channel routed into them? if so then they still won’t fit