SK3's Big Size Motor Group Buy CLOSED END ✌👍👍

@wmj259: Did you have to pay extra for customs and tax besides the shipping cost? Or was all that included in their shipping cost?

As of now, everyones tracking number is live. All boxes are at the local USPS branch.

you have any extended shafts left?

I have 2 192s 6374

i’d buy one if you shipped to canada

I’ll check out the process required for shipping.

Thank you kind sir, my postal is n2l3v5 if that helps

That’s a Canadian zipcode? It looks like a level code for a Super Nintendo game :joy:


How much for the short shaft sensore? I am from Italy. Is the shipping a problem?

I would be interested in one or two, but I am in Spain

In US, do you still have a 6374 192kv motor?

I have a line for the remaining 192s.

I just had someone send me a pulley from Pennsylvania and the shipping was like 10 bucks?

If you can print the label it’s fine, but the box comes inside a medium flat rate.

Ah ok, that suckssss :stuck_out_tongue:

So who here bought one of the SK3 6374-149kv sensored motors?

I will trade you my unsensored SK3 6374-149kv, plus cash on top, for your shiny new motor. My motor has 10AWG silicone wire upgrades with 5mm bullets. It has less than 100 miles on it and works perfectly. I’m just keen to try out a sensored setup

(long shot… but why not??)

You guys should be getting your motors today

You can fit a motor inside a flat rate envelope. Just use a literal ton of padding. If it fits, it ships


If everyone can comment whether or not they received their motors. Thanks. @DilatedPupils, I sent yours out a few minutes ago.

Would there be a chance you’d do another one of these or help a Europe based GB go ahead? I’m keen for a few motors with keyways.