SK3's Big Size Motor Group Buy CLOSED END ✌👍👍

Hello guys,

I was able to contact a manufacturer that makes Turnigy’s SK3’s6374 192kvs to Hobbyking. I will be purchasing two motors for myself. I got a price for $65 for each motor (5-10 units). Thats without the shipping for all motors. If anyone else is interested…let me know. This by itself is just a single buy for myself but can have people joining in with me.

EDIT: Also just to add, I am not making any money off this, same cost to me is to you + shipping. I am just saving money. I have to work out warranty with them and then will see. And one more thing, I only wanted to do this is because I was actually bout to buy 2 from hobbyking but they ran out right when I opened the link again as of this moment they still out of stock.

EDIT2: Please fill out this google form if your interested/committed. GROUP MOTOR BUY RSVP

EDIT3: These are genuine Turnigy SK3 Motors direct from the manufacturer as quoted (by their salesperson or engineer?). The manufacturer is SunRay

EDIT 4: The PRICE IS $65, NOT $68.

EDIT 5: “The keyway can be added for free of charge.”

EDIT 6: “The motor wires can be replaced by silicon wire.”


Ive seen this before. Make sure to add a keyway on it. The manufracturer can do this.


Also ask if they can include silicone phase wires coming out from the motor instead of continuing the copper windings. Seen that before too, for an extra cost of course.

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I had contacted them a long time ago, before I started selling motors. If you want a keyway and silicon wires the moq was 50 or 100, I cant remember which but it was really high.

Would you be able to get the 6354 260KV’s?

If yes, I might be down for two. :slight_smile:

Wish they would make a 6354 with a lower kv , something like 200-220 kv

or a 5065 with 8mm shaft.

I have one with a keyway nearly brand new

You mean this one? :wink:

Edit: Not sure how this is off topic, it’s basically exactly what you guys want, and in the end the same price.

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How many bearings in your motors??,… SK3 has 5.

You should also see if they could add sensors. That would be great. Then I wouldn’t have to add them myself.

And I am shocked to announce the price just shot up 3 times in the last 24 hours from 69 to 72 to 82 to 93, might actually be a glitch, now down to 79. While being out of stock.

don’t do it. I have 2 sk3’s that broke because of huge design flaw.

the whole front plate that the motor mount is connected to is only held on by 3 m3 screws which seat the tiny bearings. now they are just 2 heavy paper weights…even boring out the broken screws it will just happen again…

there are better designed motors for the same price or less!

I cannot agree on your points!

For me and many people out here the SK3 is a working beast! I did not hear many problems about the SK3 motors just good! The only downside are the stiff motor cables…

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thats fine. i added more info on this on the other thread…

I will say the sk3 performed very well while it lasted. but 3 months for 1, and 1 month for the second is not good to me. motors should not be disposable.

besides sk3 were popular because they are easy to find/ship.

But now they’re are many more options, some are even cheaper and perform as well/better with no modifications and with sensors!

You are the first person who has problems with SK3 besides the stiff cables.[quote=“saul, post:14, topic:13540”] But now they’re are many more options, some are even cheaper and perform as well/better with no modifications and with sensors! [/quote]

Could you please list some motors here? Maybe with a link?

Yes but I think I ride a good amount more than the average user…

maytech is flooding the search but i’ve contacted factories but here is a random one…

these are very simular to diy/jlab/aps

I have seen the loosening of the screws at the top of the sk3 my self, but this happens just when there is a big wobble on the belt that produces excessive vibrations, not due to any motor design flaws.

The SK3 so far is the more reliable motor for this application, excellent design that have more bearing than any other motor around, air cooling sistem that no other motor has and incredibly power. The only down are the lack of a key slot and short shaft. The stiff cables I don’t consider to be a minus for eMTB that I like to mount this beast :imp:


i’ll say that could be the cause of the first failure. but I made sure to check alignment regularly on the 2nd. having to disassemble and check these screws regularly is just too much work…

and i’m still not sure about the fan’s real world benefit unless its stuffed in a carvon hub which btw avoids this issue…

also vibration would be less of a problem on emtb since you have that air to ride on and more clearance…

Once the screws come loose the first time you need to apply blue or red loctite to them.

At the end this are really good motors but some of them are bound to come out with issues. At the end this is like the wine the best one is the one you like :wink:

Not sure if someone forgot to enter their username on the google form. Just message me.