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Skate Tools : what's on your bench?

@longhairedboy I used to buy Bondhus allen wrenches. Is there anything that you like better?

i have yet to buy a really nice set of allens. I’m still going through all of the disposable ones i’ve collected over the years from IKEA and other places which interestingly enough are often the correct size for various eboard components. I’ve already tossed about 5 or 6 of them after stripping them because they are cheap soft metal, but i still have dozens. I also have dozens of less expensive pocket sets that i don’t have the heart to toss because they were gifts, but i need to get some really nice hardened high carbon steel ones with screw driver handles as well as the standard angle ones.

Is Bondhus a solid brand? I’ll have to order a set and see how i like them. I definitely need better tools. All of my tools are basically aging out, and i’m gradually tossing them as i go.

@longhairedboy Yes Bondhus are the best I’ve ever used. When I ran a bicycle shop they were always my favorite. Worth it IMO. Sometimes tool companies have different lines that are “pro” vs “prosumer,” and I’m not sure which sets I was using, so it’s worth a quick review before ordering anything. Not too expensive on Amazon, $9USD for this set:

i was just looking at those. I think Lowe’s carries them as well. I think they’ll make a nice addition to my bench, and the ones i have will make a nice addition to my garbage can.

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These Metric Titan Hex Bits work great.

perfect for my cordless driver that lasts for days on end.

This is what I use the most. It’s pretty much everything you need to tear down an eboard. Not shown is the 7 or 8 mm box wrench for the nuts on raptor truck bolts, which are a non standard size apparently.

that’s another story about how tiny little stupid things can fuck your production schedule completely… ill tell you about it one day…

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Custom pulley puller. Makes it much easier