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Hi Everyone,

Newby to this site, which is awesome btw, credits to Jason at Enertion.

First id like to introduce myself, Im Dorian Living in South Wales (UK) been working a product that allows people to adapt their skate trucks onto a scooter, this also allows for electric scooters to be modified and esk8 parts to be fitted. Apologies for those who hate scooters but Ive been selling both Skateboards and Scooters in my business as a bike shop owner for over 11years, and thought of adapting both !! ive attached a picture of our electric scooter and we have, youtube - instagram and Facebook sites please Look up Adapt Freestyle Products.

This product was a experiment that turned out to be a fun product and I get the fact that people may ask WHY?

The product has allowed us to create a Scooter Cruz product that offers control and stability but still allows the user to carve, cruz, jump, rail Etc Etc,

Our Electric scooter has been tested and is still in prototype stage but we hope to launch our adapt products so people can experiment themselves.

This is a self funding project and I am a solo rider just like you.

the scooters is able to hold a complete Enertion Battery Pack and will also support 2 x Vesc for duel drive, we have to modify our custom CNC Box to support the Power plug and on/off switch but you kinda get the idea.

Im very new to this forum and have been inspired by the ESK8 community, this hobby has become addictive and please be gentle on your comments wink: )

Very interested in your comments and please bear with me on responding as I hold a bicycle shop business and 2 kids and a nagging wife to be !!!

Hope to contribute to the community and hope to add something new to the community


That changes the whole … i dont know what to say already . really genious . will want to have one too .

Welcome … And let’s throw a motor on that and see some video !

ha ha the reception is always a bit 50/50 but please if you have 5 take a look at the vids here

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It’s 50/50 cause we have snobs…

I look at it this way…good for all around…kids will love it…then they will graduate. (Hopefully) to electric skateboards…and good for the older crowed or people that just don’t have it in them to skateboard …

As I always say…In the end there will be shit eating grins all around…it’s motorized … How freakkng c👀l is that?

Oh @AdaptProducts I think you just inspired a great addition to my DIY project that I’m planning todo once I’m done with my other regular builds…

Best of luck mate…I think you have a hit if the price is right and the build quality is up to snuff!

Think this maybe the scooter killer :hocho::skull_and_crossbones:

will need more vids on the adapt board itself . like , can the handle bar turn sideways similar to other scooters handle bar ? is it a throttle or trigger ? does it have cables for for brakes ?

I would like one for testing it looks like alot of fun. How much are they going to be?

I’ve contacted adapt to purchase this before and they won’t sel anything until there release date.

Thanks for your comments guys, testing is the key to this, feedback is great fully received and we do hope to have this product available if people wish to Adapt, sorry for the pun😬.

Please go check out out vids on YouTube and go follow us on Instagram, you will see a journey that keeps adapting.

For those would commute - we have been testing this - it’s pritty handy for taking onto trains and buses.


Lol I want one … I ain’t gonna lie

Ditto. I wouldn’t mind making this be my DIY project for this summer

I’ll be following this for sure. Nicely done and looks well executed. Especially like the folding ability for commute (bus/train/car trunk).

I’m not a “pure” skate snob like some (i do ride electric more than regular nowadays), so anything that let’s folks enjoy skating (with handle or not) i think is good!

Best of luck!!

Yep I like it too! Actually it looks like fun, even the riding position is odd for me me. I would like to give it a try. This thing offers skateboard feeling to every person who’s able to ride a scooter. So basically everyone! If you are able to deliver decent quality for a fair prize you will have a bestseller.


Looks like @AdaptProducts is in the game :thinking: IMO

Our products will adapt to both scooter and skateboard, our cnc machine polyeth base will fit a enertion space cell and 2 vesc for sure / our website will be launched soon - please follow us on Instagram or just google Adapt freestyle products … Thanks for your kind comments, hope you can join and adapt soon :+1:


I don’t know if anyone here has kids…

But I do … This shit is perfect for my girls… The danger is there…but the handle will give them control… I think it’s a great way to learn to gnar lol

Guess I should start saving now lol😈

My wife is gonna kill me

Edit: at the most if put 4s for my girls lol

My wife attempted to rider a skateboard a few times over the years, but she just cannot start and stop. If she stands on holding me and gets going she’s fine, but doing it on her own has always been an issue. Adding a handle would do the trick. I would definitely get this kit if/ when available