Skateboard Trucks with Suspension | Funded on Kickstater

I think this would be awesome for electric skateboards. What do you think?

Funny, people have just thought of that now. lol

There are other trucks with suspension baseplates. Or there used to be. I had a set at one point maybe in like 2004? I’m assuming this is a titanium baseplate though and it looks pretty good.

I’d like to try it… not that I personally think suspension is necessary when you are rolling along smooth pavements… but maybe it would improve the ride in otherways.

However I tend to think it might dampen the steering response. Which i wouldn’t like.

I think baja board suspension is probably the way to go if you are really wanting decent suspension.

Yep, personally I think the ride gets smoothed out with a flex in the deck itself. Although, at a decent speed I’d want a stiff deck and every millimetre of my foot adjustment to com e out with a fast response in the steering. But these are still way cool and I’d love a go one day!

I would LOVE a pair of these on my deck, but they’d need to be compatible with the Entertion/Caliber motor mounts, or have the suspension part of the truck be a universal part.