SkateBoard Velocimeter

Hi,I saw online some people using Lcd in their controllers. And I asked my self how to do this. Then I find this guy. To put it wireless in the controller is just use a HM-10 or a Hc-08 bluetooth module. Link: Velocimeter

Personally, I just use a Bluetooth module and have it connect to my phone and watch to get an accurate speed, voltage, and really anything else you want in real time. Also shows your trip and stats of your trip. Not a fan of Lcd screens tbh

That’s pretty cool. I wanted to have an Arduino read the VESC’s UART port and output essential data to an LCD. But really, once you’re going 20+ mph, the speed at which you’re traveling is irrelevant. An LCD screen is just a distraction at that point. You should be focused on the road, not whether you’re going 22 or 26 mph. That’s why the bluetooth apps are so attractive to me, so you can review the data later… not when you’re hurdling down the road on your homemade deathmachine :wink:


True Story. Could I do this module that @Michael319 with a Hm-10 and put it directly on the vesc? like this example