Skateboard VESC

Does anyone know if the areostar 50A has breaking and is a good vesc.

to my understanding it’s an aircraft esc with reverse function. No brakes… Never heard of braking planes/helis/quads. It’s also not a V-esc, but it’s a ESC. the V makes all the difference: it stays for Vedder-ESC, it’s inventor, is a programmable ESC made for electric vehicles and I can only recommend it.

Ok Thanks. So I could not use it for an eletrick skateboard?

If you don’t want brakes.

Ow ok thanks

So if I do get another one what one could I buy under 50$?

The best for that price is a Xcar beast esc or fvt 120a but they have screechy brakes and can only handle up to 6s

Alright so basically u can get a decent one under 50$