Skateboarding is life

What do you think of the current culture of “skateboarding” and I mean all of it, all the forms, all the people, the entire industry. It seems this year is a hot one with the “sport” going to the big games. Kids are growing up in skate camps and pushed into serious competition.

Some say the essence of skateboarding cannot be found, it is ingrained in the patterns and chaos of the emotional noise that the skateboard is used to express. It is a pointless and fruitless activity filled with risks and seemingly without any reward. Frivolousness and futility define skateboarding, we toil with our toys for what? What defines this activity, what drives us to ride?

Kicktails, short verses long, downhill or park skating, electrics verses everyone else. there’s camps and styles and ethics being pointed at left and right, criticisms and hate while no one talks about why…why?

I would like you to read something from the Gonz that may point out something we forget in the electric skateboard community. A place of disposable income, hobbyists and upper middle class middle-aged nerds and skaters, they all come to do what exactly? I am one of them. I need to remember that some people only have one skateboard some are still wanting their 1st, and to them it’s the most valuable thing they own. It is not their hobby or their passion, it is their life, literally…it expresses everything they have.

MARK GONZALES: "I think a lot of times people want to get involved in skating, whether it’s for money or to help it out, and they jump on board and try to get into the culture. But what they don’t realize is that a lot of these kids who skate really have nothing else. Death is going to happen, but to them, it’s like, “I don’t give a fuck.” And that’s why they skateboard, because they really don’t give a fuck. It’s hard for some people to understand that mentality.

So I don’t know about the Olympics. Skateboarding is not an answer – it’s a question, a game of logic and death. It’s sad, but there is a very dark side to skateboarding – there’s a side of the board that never sees the light [laughs]. I’m being silly, but also serious."

Maybe we can change the culture of skateboarding by trying to change ourselves, and learn to just let things be and “not give a fuck”…after-all, there is no point to any of this and it mirrors the greater truths of the world, accidentally tapping into an intrinsic meaning, a serious one, a dark truth as Gonz notes…skateboarding lives very close to that truth, maybe we should learn to embrace that fact, and let it drive the culture and the heart of what electric skateboarding may become in the future. You know verses what the marketers want it to become? just a thought…

The question is not what is the essence of skateboarding…we have the answer already, “The essence of skateboarding is pointlessness” what we should seek, is the important question skateboarding is answering for us…what drives us to do this when it’s pointless?

I ponder this as I let the news of members losing their life for a pointless goal sink in, I ask myself why I do it and have no answer, and yet feel so drawn to it and need to ride…why? what is it about this stupid toy that drills to our deepest roots?

I began a little quest to find the answer, and I found peace in a simple answer from the legendary Jeff Grosso. “IT’S FUN!!!”

Jeff Grosso said to me: “It’s not pointless, it’s fun. That’s all… the world can be a very serious, sometimes dark, place. It can be cold and lonely. Skateboards are a diversion from all that is our “reality”. It’s escapism. Don’t read to much into it. That’s pointless. It’s quite simply just fun. And yeah, mark is right. Most of us don’t give a fuck! We just want to have fun… to laugh… to make and be with friends. To connect. Stave off the loneliness. As Jim Morrison said. “I’m gonna get my kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames!” I don’t know? It beats playing golf…”

He added: - “Don’t get mired down in some existential crisis. Go skate, have fun, fail, succeed, laugh…” and I realized that skateboarding is just like life…we just have to live, have fun, fail, succeed…die…it’s simple…


I gotta agree with Grosso here. I don’t typically take it too seriously. Its fun! It’s an awesome form of transportation. Its a tremendous vehicle for creativity whether it’s how you build your whip or how you choose to carve your lines. There’s so much more to it than just that but in the end, i keep coming back to it and it keeps growing up with me bee cause it remains constantly fun. Really digging your enthusiasm duder.


Your over explanation on here…and on Facebook… Good Lord. Give it a break.

We all know your upset about kicktails and physics of board height vs truck width. We all know you run a Facebook group and talk around it like you know everything and delete posts of anyone who dis agrees with you, don’t worry dude it’s ok to be wrong sometimes :joy:

Thanks for the news feed porn :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl: don’t take yourself so seriously.


Lol you stalking me dude, that’s rad!! I hope it’s a good man-crush and not a bad one. I m not doing it for attention, but i appreciate it I guess, glad it stirs you in any way shape or form…

Killed him :joy::joy:


The only thing I see in all those screenshots is [quote]Damn bro, you need to charge your 'droid[/quote]ha ha

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You missed my point

  • you over explain -you’re wrong alot -you delete your posts -you probably don’t get any real work done with the essays you take the time writing out multiple times a day -you’re over excited

We get it your addicted to the hobby. But for real, you don’t know everything, no one cares you’re “sponsored” by HobbyKing, and you need to take yourself less seriously.

I mean common you got your panties in a wad about an adult trying out a board that was limited to 5mph and he wasn’t wearing a helmet yesterday. Like Jesus Christ, I don’t wear a helmet if I wanna take a leisurely cruise around the block under 10 smoking a cig. I’ve been skating and surfing almost 20 years. I think I’m old enough to make my own damn decisions, like other adults obviously do. But again you go off with a full on essay about how someone’s gonna kill themselves going 5 fucking miles and hour not wearing a helmet.

Look dude no one wants to hear that shit all the time, I was trying to be nice with my first post but for real, tone it down, your not an authority of anything but a dumb Facebook group. As I said, take yourself less seriously. Your like the one guy that always eats to much garlic and it’s seeping through your pores non stop and it smells.


PS I’ve never responded to you on FB…I just read your dumbass comments in that group and watch you delete peoples entire posts when you can’t argue that your right…

For anyone that wants to know it’s Electric Skateboard Club, pretty funny shit to watch


I skate because it isolates me, yet it also fills me with joy. I’m blasting through nature trails, at times with water rushing down on one side…spotting wildlife in the early morning and watching the most beautiful sunrises I have seen in years.

It allows me to focus, forget about work, appreciate and make room for the finer things in life when I arrive home. Considerable health benefits as opposed to “risking it all.” No more migraines.

It is far from pointless. It’s more than just fun. It is something that influences my mental and physical state, but mountain biking and snowboarding does the same.

People have different reasons for skating. Your description does not fit mine at all.


Be careful he might delete your post for disagreeing



If I realized this post would become a personal attack I would have kept my mouth shut…sorry to the audiences for even making it…you can see why I have had to delete some threads after people turn them into a shit show…

Stalk? Your pretty obvious who you are. When you read the nonsense you type. And the only person boasting about I rode 50 miles in one go. And think your a safety wizard, know it all ect. You make yourself known. I have nothing to do with it. Nor am I stalking you hahahaha


Yes I did ride 50 miles yup, and I’m smart about safty thanks for noticing,…is that reason for this hate?

I don’t hide who i am, my name is Sean wendland…nice to meet you, I am trying to figure out wtf your problem is but im at a loss…do you just hate people?

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Following me around and taking screenshots of my posts and then replying to my threads to ensure that everybody realizes you hate me is sort of stalking yes

Is there a block feature on this forum?


As always you missed the points

-stop taking yourself so seriously -you’re not always right -you over simplify vast topics with large long winded nonsense.

No there’s no blocking feature this isn’t Facebook. And this is also the lounge where only lvl3s are.

Chill dude lol

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Your telling me to chill? Fuck off dude…just fuck off…

“Can’t please all the people all the time, and last night all those people were at my show”

-Mitch Hedberg


I was thinking that, lol…theres always gonna be at least one hater no matter what you do, I should expect it and be glad they at least identify themselves…it happens when you share yourself with people, some have the balls to face this, for others it keeps them from ever sharing…sad

Personal vendetta… Lol no… I just call it how I see it. Your in the lounge. Grow some kahones.

Identify myself? Lol for what? I’m deckoz here. I’ve chosen to share what I feel like sharing. You have as well.