Skatey 400 lead acid to lipo conversion

Hi guys im looking to try and make my Skatey 400 abit more portable and practical, its currently running on two 12v lead acids. Since i can only find 11.1v’s on hobby king i’m wondering if the motor would be okay running on 22.2 v or will it run into overheating problems/premature death since its meant to run at 24v?

6s lipo goes 25v when fully charged. u should be fine

so two 3s lipos will be okay? 3s is all my charger can handle :open_mouth:

u can buy 2 and use it series and when u charge it u can charge it is parell or seperately.

awesome thanks for your help !

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Ahoj, kúpil som Skatey 3200l. Ale nemôžem to zapnúť. Keď je longboard zapnutý, bliká červeno-modro. Keď zapnem LED pod „kódom“ iba bliká, nie je možné spárovať s longboardom. Niekto pre mňa má riešenie?