Skating holey streets

That feeling I had upgrading from clones to mbs, that feeling of “wow this is amazing,” that feeling multiplied by three when going from mbs to supaflys. I can’t recommend enough.


@Jinra i hate those things!

Well if we run over all the blind guys they wont put down the yellow slabs any more…there red here… 107 superflys ill try them…

I absolutely love those when you have the momentum, green light and no traffic or pedestrians…

Those looks so innocent yet can mess you really bad if you’re not prepared… I ride on 83 Kegels atm and they do just fine. But in terms of comfort what is the best next step: 97, 107 or all terrain? With 107’s you kind of lose a lot on acceleration, right?

Wouldn’t run FWD or AWD help out on this? FWD would make for a good fight against that with PU wheels if you can shift a bit.

Has anybody tried lining their decks with the same material spenco insoles are made of. Theoretically you could just chop up some insoles and line your deck


That is a great way to describe it, I haven’t heard that before.

Down here the sidewalk gaps are massive, and they rattle everything loose.

I cant take credit for de-weight its just something I picked up. It really is the best description for what your doing. A lot of tricks use this technique, and some people don’t even know they are doing it. Its just natural.

We have those sidewalk around here, and they suck. I end up riding in the street when I have a choice.

whatever u do avoid the large white dots that are in the street they will Fuuuu, u up

Don’t know what roads you ride on but It’s rare to fund those kind if speed bumps around my city. But with practice you can ride over all kinds of speed bumps. But ya I’ve seen some hardcore speed bumps that can’t be ridden. Like those thick plastic ones you see in parking garages.

I wouldn’t try turning hard or anything when riding over this kind of stuff. Its kinda like Mariocart and oil slicks, your be ok as long as you don’t turn, and you let off the gas.

ya somethings momentum cant fix XD

I run 107 and rolling over these rumble pads pretty easily, definitely nowhere near as jarring as 97mm or 100mm mbs wheels.

In terms of the torque loss due to increased size, swapped out pulleys to 15/40 teeth. For me its just the perfect setup (until I find some other excuse to mess with it).


I own 3 MBS, it is an okay choice but still not as pleasant as 107 that ive tried, you defly want to go for 97 abec 11 or 107mm if you have mucho $$$

They are a killer for me and they put them right back to the wall so u cant get around them…Im running 97mm i might get 107s

Yeah, recently switched to 97’s and that’s whole another level of comfort, just wow. I did have some wheelbite with 97’s and carved the deck on the front trucks so everything’s fine now.
Once you get rolling all you need is control the power now and then - in between I just let momentum of the wheels do it’s thing. These have some serious momentum, with Kegels I was on the gas majority of time, with Abecs I just control the momentum…it’s so good and I just let them do their thing…need some more power, OK, boom, I let go and it just keeps on rolling. I love it.

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