Skating holey streets

How do you guys ride in holey/cracky streets? does the speed of the e-skate make it so you don’t really catch in the holes? or do you guys simply use bigger wheels.

Anyway I’m in the process of making my own e-skate but where I live the streets are the worse and now I’m a bit worried that I’d either need to ride at 10km/h max or risk getting thrown over my board.

thx for any tips

Big wheels. I’d say use either 97 or 107 mm flywheels, or if the roads are really bad, go with pneumatic wheels

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100mm MBS has been great for me doing daily commute around NYC, pot holes, road construction, grates no problem.

I don’t know how much time you have on a skateboard. But with time you learn to de-weight the board, and pop a little over the cracks, and it helps a lot. But Ya as pennyboard said, go big,or go pneumatic if your road are that bad. .

I’m thinking 93mm wheels should do.

Not much but I roller skate a lot. I guess it’s pretty much the same thing, as long as my weight isn’t on my front wheel when I hit the crack I should be good. Also I’m trying to avoid using pneumatic wheels as much as I can.


Your weight has to be on your front foot. Otherwise you’ll get speedwobbles. You shouldn’t change the way you ride a longboard, electric or not.

Maybe throw in a picture of how bad the streets look, from experience sidewalks like this :> are a pain to use because of water drain just in the middle of sidewalk… you can also see how nice stone paved on the side lol (left corner)

Even with pneumatics at speed.going.over this.thing is a pain

With my 90mm wheels, that pavement would be painful anyway. When the bricks are all placed after each other, you feel every ribbon. Pavements with their bricks not placed straight are much better, as every brick flows into another one.

I have 97mm abec and 100mm mbs i think the mbs are better for all round use…i live in dublin ireland the roads and bike lanes are in shite… Holes cracks tram lines…

Tehatheist I meant shift the weight back for a fraction of a second, only the time you hit the crack so your wheels dont dig in.


This is not necessarily true, but I really I don’t want to get into a discussion on speed wobbles, and technique. Once you’re comfortable on a board you will be able to shift your weight around quite a bit without any problem. But once you get up there in speed(depends on the rider) its better to stay centered, and only make small adjustments.

The enemy lurks…


I had mbs, they were a huge upgrade from 83mm clones. Then I switched to 107mm supaflys, and they’re way better than mbs.

So…Get the supaflys if u can.

Need to find somebody in NYC who has them to try them out lol

the blind guy or the yellow things on the sidewalks? lol

those things suck everytime i see one i usually slow to about 10mph or less, its like hitting the brakes when you go over those.


going over the yellow dots suck not the blind man lmao

why not both?

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because i tend to avoid running over people especially blind people i cant avoid those yellow dots.

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I think we can agree that going over blind strips and blind people are both varying degrees of bad


really better than mtb wheels :open_mouth: