Skike / Pneumatic wheel questions


I’m in the process of research for my first esk8 board and I’ve been reading lots and lots of amazing info on here. I think I’ve got most of it in my head/spreadsheet. One question I do have is on the Skike pneumatic wheels, as I’ve got a Beercan boards Oat Soda deck already I think for ground clearance reasons that going for pneumatic wheels is going to be the best choice. Now I’ve seen others using these wheels and then bring me to my two questions.

Do these fit the caliber trucks without modification? If they need maching that’s not a problem, but I’d like to know before I order them.

Does anyone do a hub drive adapter for these wheels or will I have to get one machined?

These 5in Skike wheels were the ones I was going to go for as they are relatively low cost and available in the EU. I’ve seen several Beercan builds with these I believe.

Many thanks

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you will need to remove 1cm from one side of the wheel to hold the bearing and be able to still mount them on a standard skateboard truck. Look at this from endless-sphere to get an idea of what i mean (and have recently done myself): See the top left wheel! The wheel is 34mm from one side to the other with 2x7mm bearings so 20mm in between. This needs to be made to 10mm. In the end you need 7mm for the inner bearing, 10mm for the spacer and another 7mm for the 2nd bearing. With a lathe this is done easily

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Thanks that’s really helpful. I’m assuming this needs to be done to all four wheels not just the one with the pulley?

yes that is correct

Thanks. I wonder if Alien Drive Systems still make those pulley’s. They seem to have stopped making anything now with everything being over at Alien Power Systems.

I think they don’t. It should be relatively easy however to 3D print one yourself. I am designing one right now but with 50teeth as I have a 20t pulley on my 149kv motor.

I’d worry about 3d printed parts holding up to the stress of things. I have a printer here so the cost factor would be great but still.

the larger your pulley the better for 3D printing as the stress on a single tooth decreases. I’d risk it especially because metal pulleys also get super heavy at this size.

I suppose its worth trying. Worst come to the worst you can carry a spare!

I have some old sets of these skike wheels if you guys wanted them. I just don’t have any pulleys for them. PM me if you need it.

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@gordy you can also get a 50T 9mm polycarbonate pulley from SDP/SI for ~$8-9 and just drill 5 holes to match with skike.

Once that’s done, make a trip to home depot and get yourself some 2 inch machine screws and nuts that fit through the hole and bolt them together, and boom–you got yourself a DIY drive wheel.


@theviith BOOM That’s the awesome way…

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Wow did not know that you can buy that.

Wow thanks, unfortunately I’m based in the UK. But that sounds like a great fall back plan if I can’t source one more locally.

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oh yeah :heart_eyes:


Ace. STL file? ABS or PLA?

ABS You want the file? Again 50t might not work for you - you should calculate your desired number of teeth first. Also you will need a new belt due to the huge diameter. I used this calculator:

If you have the file that would be awesome. I think I may have tracked down a 60t one, but it would be nice to have a fallback.

I could make you a 60t one if you want. All that changes is the outer diameter - so i don’t have to change the design much.

No need to do that yet, I may take you up on that kind offer in the future. Thanks.