Skike Pneumatics/pulleys with extra tires

Asking $150 + shipping.

Great for a dual motor (or single) urban commuter. Run over almost anything!

1 of the pulleys has about 1mm of runout, very hardto notice but thought I’d disclose.


Plus red is good for an extra 20% power boost per @longhairedboy lol

What size bearings do they take?

Standard skate bearings. 22x8

So they fit standard trucks too?

Yes, they only fit skate trucks or anything with an 8mm axle.

How big are they, and what size pulleys are they?

The tires are 5"x1"

The pulleys are 60T and 9mm wide

Also, sold as is and no returns.

All 4 tires hold air without issues.

These have been sold, thank you for the interest!