Skywing 120A esc , REVIEW after very short term use

it works flawlessly even the breaks are amazing , i havent used it too much but it gets warm but not hot also its really7 really cheap if someones in need.


how did you programed it?

It was already programmed, i used as it came from pack. Yiu can program it via programing card or the beeping code with remote

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Looks very nice for that price

Works good too, will make a video on it if possible

Yeah it would be great to see a video!

What kind of setup are you using this in?

200kv 5065 motor with 6s battery pack

Does the esc make a weeeee sound when it brake?

I’d really like to see a showdown between this and the $43 speed controller on the other thread. Be interesting to see which is best for a budget board. I’ve never bought off ali-express before, I assume its the same as buying off eBay?

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Similar. Delivery will kill you though, free most of the time but normally 20-40 day. But in my experience it normally comes in around 2-3 weeks.

I’ve ordered one of these for science…


The thing with the other one is the possibility of more than 6s. That’s why I’m thinking about them also

You buy a lot for science. I approve.


Nope, and breaks are soo good i can rely it on steap slopes

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Does this one only run 6s? I didn’t see any mention of max voltage on the product page but maybe I missed it.

yes, 2-6s lipo. This would be an alternative to the x-car beast apparently

No its mentioned, and yeah its Rated for 6s though i ran it on 7s but didn’t gi further because i didn’t wanted to blow it up

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Xcar beast is sensored , but in some ways the is better and works pretty well.the breaks are amazing Doesn’t gets hot or something has hetshrink too , rode today and worked really great