SLA Lead battery to Lithium Conversion

Ok this may be a little over on left field.

I have an Eglide that runs on (3) 12v 12ah SLA batteries, similar to a scooter, or power chair etc. So it should be at 36v 12ah with the 3 sealed batts in series.

I have a bunch of extra panasonic 18650’s.

Brand: Panasonic
Model: NCR18650
Capacity: 2900mAh Rated
Voltage: 3.60V Nominal
Charging: 4.20V Maximum

1925mA Standard — mA Maximum| | Discharging: |2.50V Cutoff 580mA Standard 5400mA Maximum| | Description: |Gray Cell Wrapper White Insulator Ring 18650 Form Factor|

Can I make a 36v 10s5p battery with these and replace the lead and not blow it up… If each cell say delivers 5amps, this would get me to 25 amp discharge for the pack correct? If I was at 3s I’d be at 15 amp discharge, closer to what is stock with the lead. Am I safe to go over that?

Sorry this is a weird one. I don’t want to damage the stock speed controller. I don’t mind the SLA, it treks along on the golf course I live on, and I find it very fun…

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Yes 10s5p will deliver 25 amps. If you use 3s it’s still 25 amps but you are delivering 12.6v