SLB | stewii VESC6 Clone | 12S | 6374 170kV Maytech

SLB - sh!tty little board. Black Friday build ~ !

Here is a parts list and prices.

$113 Maytech 6374 170kV waterproof motor - Black Friday Special - Miami Electric Boards @oriol360

$192 - 12S (2) x 6s 6000m Graphene 65C lipo - Black Friday 30% off deal -

$114 - 33" miurderer deck + (2) 50 cal Caliber II trucks - Black Friday 15% off deal -

$176 - @stewii VESC6

$50 - (2) Tb enclosures - BF deal - @torqueboards

$55 - motor mount @marcmt88

$30 - 12t / 36t pulley kit TB - BF DEAL @torqueboards

$8 - 330mm belt Amazon

$60 - antisparkheaven @goldenHusky

$25 - remote + receiver

$10 - sector9 risers 1/2"

$29 - 97mm wheels Blanks + Abec7 bearing

$9 - Voltage indicator from Amazon - DROK brand

$7 - LED front and rear RC lights from Amazon

TOTAL: $868


Looking forward to see a review of the stewii VESC6! Build looks good too.

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I put something up… but i don’t have super high kV motors. More to come… :slight_smile:

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Please upload a video!

Sure… what do you need? I have a video I linked of the VESC6 clone with a 6374 170kV motor. Do you want a riding video? Trying to get my buddy to come to our parking deck so I can shoot some video.

A video showing if the vesc can make an stop and go on a hill

Lol… ok I can’t do that today… I am in Atlanta and we have 4-5" snow. The last time this happened (3) years ago…it was called Snowmageddon 2014 - people died

But I did go make some video… give me a sec…

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A parking lot would be ideal for this test, no snow, good inclination

Yeah unfortunately my parking deck has 3 levels but not connected internally by ramps. Outside is snow. I will try the massive hill later on today when the snow go melty melty


Haha building a belt drive banshee similar to this config. Love this! However i’m using VESC4. How’s the torque steer?

It’s really fun…I feel like I can turn on a dime :slight_smile: I also ordered (3) APS 6384S motors that are on their way. (2) will go to a Trampa E-MTB. The other one to this build. With the 6384S 4000W motor just to see if I can go flying up a hill at least 25mph

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Do report back! I wonder how long the shipping takes from APS nowadays…

He was backordered (3) weeks on the 6384S sensored motors when I purchased on Nov 20. So I just emailed Bruno @APS… he should have them now. Also I had a customization done to get 8mm shaft bore and 26mm shaft length… since APS is default 10mm shaft bore and doesn’t fit standard motor pulleys.

Great deck! I use the same one as my analog board.

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  • double ESCape
  • twin 6374
  • hcx-223V1 BMS Bestech
  • buck step down coverter to 12V for leds
  • eagle eye 12V leds
  • chargeport
  • hm-10 bluetooth module