Slick Revolution Flex-E battery for Diyers

Looks cool


They do just the case if you want to put your own cells in there… not a bad price either…


I Luv it :heart_eyes:

10S and 195Wh sounds like a 2P battery - so unfortunately pretty small and not much space for a “proper” pack

Finally. I was nagging them for this ever since the Kickstarter :slight_smile: Very nice enclosure.

Them tires are also great, 110 mm (thats right, hundred & ten millimeters) Rough Stuff Wheels. About $ 59 for a set of (4)… but Slick Revolution is based in the UK, so the delivery will be about $ 79 more… Bang!! :dizzy_face:

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its too hard tho

Yeap. I notice that… 85A. Its like ridding on concrete wheels.