Slide Gloves Saved Me

So about a month ago I bought some cheap slide gloves to use as safety equipment rather than for sliding (weather is only now getting good enough to be out long) so I got used to wearing them every ride regardless of where I’m riding.

I’ve used slide gloves before (made my own back in the 80’s never used them since) and never considered wearing them in a street scenario, but I find myself leaning surfaces fairly often , this ride I was going quick ~20mph and was leaning into a corner a little too much, lost my balance and ended up supporting my full weight against the wall I survived fine but cannot think of anything I could have done without gloves that would have stopped me going head first into a wall, regular gloves would have somewhat worked but I still would have ended up crashing…

I’m SO happy I got used to riding with slide gloves and recommend everyone at least try it! best £26 I’ve spent, and I’ve not even used them on the ground yet lol


How to you hold and operate a remote with slide gloves on?

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I use a meepo style remote and just move the puck further down my hand (I picked these for the relatively small puck size) , I figure its better to have at least some coverage on both hands - I did ride with a puck on my non remote hand but I don’t want to get used to that.


i personally think slide gloves are not needed while eskating, they’re for sliding very much while going downhill.

i prefer light leather gloves, leather is very abrasion proof when you have a crash

I’m guessing they just have palm pucks then. I can barely even hold a board with my proper slide gloves! Though sliding out from a crash on palm pucks and knee pads can save a lot of skin, no matter what kind of skating you’re doing :+1:

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planning on cutting a chunk out but can’t find my dremel::slight_smile:

EDIT: hardest thing to get used to was the thick kevlar thumb with this remote


and again, fell this morning deck slide out of underneath me on just dry under tree path, palms went out as i fell

didn’t even notice I’d scraped my knee until afterwards, did chuckle at the thought hmm “THE sign” you got your prot. level just right :wink:


dude, why u falling this often?

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It’s the nature of EBoarding :wink:


i’ve rode past 500km and never fell

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Bet ya didn’t feel shit did ya? I love my DHP’s @Cobber :wink:

Also @Acidfie people fall, take a wild guess how many times I have? Some people ride harder then others… It’s just how it goes…


It is a matter of ride style and Building experience.

I am a okay rider but one time my single drive just slipped under my feets. somehow the Motor stucked for a tiny Moment, single drive, and pulled the board side ways. no way any rider could have stayed on the board!

If you just rode dual drive you will have/had less Problems. Then there is the riding factor. If you drive like and old grandpa i wouldnt bail myself too. lol.

i think you get my Point :wink:

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@Acidfie this time I was trying new wheels and did’nt expect dry moss and dirt to act like ice, since I started ‘eSk8 binging’ (deck number 4) I can do 300miles over a long weekend.

I also agree with something Mark Zuckerberg said “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” applies as much to eSk8 as software :slight_smile:

@Deckoz I love these DHPs, didn’t feel a thing, I was wearing soft elbows and as I fell I really wished I had hard ones

I think I’m going to try these


Try the TSG Pro elbows.

The derby are standard pads,where the pro’ and DHP lineup have the HorseShoe foam that keep the pad in place during a fall :slight_smile:

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perfect! ordered thanks, its the foam I wanted :slight_smile:

anyone interested I found some for £19.99

Instead of making a new thread, I’ll pop in here… How many of you guys use slide gloves?

This is my solution. I advocate for everyone to wear slide gloves as opposed to nothing or wearing wrist guards. Wrist guards won’t slide, I wouldn’t feel safe bailing onto my hands and knees with wrist guards, let alone nothing.

Besides sliding, these gloves and many others paired with kneepads have saved me countless times, just falling to my hands and knees and sliding to a stop when bailing instead of running it off or wrecking my hands/body.

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Just got a pair of sliding gloves off of sector 9, wrist guards never helped when I fell on my hands.

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You really should have the puck a bit further down anyway.


I have some 888 slide gloves but I don’t use the pucks. Even with thee pick moved down it makes it difficult to hold the remote.

eh, didn’t you have fun drawing on your hands :joy: