Slightly unequal power to motors an issue?

Is this going to be an issue? It’s only noticeable when I am barely throttling at the start. The right side wheel starts before the left. Will this make the ride feel off center or should I not worry about this?

Could this just be an issue of how tight the axle bolt is on the wheel?

Check your belt tension and alignment. It can be also the nut of your wheel. For my liking it looks like too much drag. And please, before you create a new topic for each problem try the search bar!

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Do you have the vesc’s in a canbus master slave? I’ve found that my slave always starts up a little after the master.

If it’s split PPM… You could have differing PPM config if you did the remote setup separate for both. It’s usually best practice to tune one vesc, download it’s config to your computer, and then push that same config to the other vesc (and then do motor config) to ensure that all settings are identical. It’s the small things like that which have caused me headache in the past.

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Split ppm. I’ll try that tomorrow. Thank you. Sorry for the excess posts.

And yes I did the remote setup separate for both

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Is it just me, or do the motors look like they are different sizes?

Same size.

@goldrabe looks to be correct there. Both the belts look too tight and the left more so. Be careful of overtight belts they can cause things to go pop. Hang loose man.


Best way to loosen them?

Mine are slightly out too when not loaded, no quite as much. But just in case, double check both vesc settings are the same esp throttle calibration.

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Loosen the screws holding the motor and adjust it ever so slightly closer to the wheel pulley.

If you have adjustable idlers you can adjust tension there instead by sliding the idler away from the center of the mount and retighten screws…

You can try the drag by giving the wheels a spin by hand and if the two wheels stop spinning at the same time, belts are likely equally tensioned for the two motors /wheels.


Awesome, I’ll give that a shot tomorrow. Thank you so much.

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It could be me but those mounts don’t look to have lateral adjustment. What are they?

looks like this on

so they should have

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@Andy87 yeah make you right there! All good. @Taliesin Try motor detection without belts attached too. My first dual did a similar thing because they were unequally tensioned. A very nice guru on here gave me that advice and to loosen belts and hey presto it was perfect. Nice build btw Oh and don’t worry about what you’re doing with your posts, it may upset some but the answers are coming. Put them on the noob thread and you won’t get a reply till xmas :joy:

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This is perfectly normal, the motors can have slightly different minimum amps before they start to rotate.

You can up the minimum power the motors receive to make it go away, but its not actually a problem. Just looks weird.


In industry we call “motor detection” rotating auto tune. Rotating Auto tune is always done with a motor removed from a load. I don’t know why that isn’t part of the procedure with our boards. It should be.

Motor detection should be done “un-loaded”, no motor spur, cog, gear… nothing just the shaft :nerd_face:

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How do you do this “push the same config to the other vesc”? This is a really good idea and I want to do this when I get to setting up my focboxes. Do you save settings to your computer then apply when you plug in your other vesc? Please excuse my ignorance. I will be using enertions vesc tool.

I see what you did there :face_with_monocle:

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This is normal, happens on my dual board running split ppm, you will notice if you add some friction to the wheels they will both start at the same time

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