Slim down Car ESC - reposition Capacitors

I have a HK 150 car ESC that I slimmed down (removed the fan and took off the plastic as well as repositioned the cables). Now the capacitors are sticking out and I want to slim it down even further. Can I just cut them (=destroy, desoldering not possible since the ESC is filled with Epoxy) and add new capacitors to the battery cables (just like with a VESC in the early days)?

Like this:

I don’t see why not. Make sure the caps are discharged first though

Do you have some pics of that hk esc you got now? Im interested to see how they look and do they have real heat sinks… or the fan is just blowing on the surface of the fet’s…

Yeah I have done it. I just took the caps off and mounted them sideways. you don’t need to destroy them, you should be able to get an iron in there.

A friend of mine did this to the extreme

A fellow UIC student of mine


I have the x-car beast - it is filled with epoxy - no way you can get in there.

ah yes, so it is. I just pulled one of mine apart to look. the one that I did was an older model. if you do cut them out then you are going to have to be careful not to short the power.

question is: can I just cut them in half and leave the remains in there?

you can cut them and pull the insides out, but you gotta make sure you don’t have any of the bits causing a short.

I’m also looking to do this if my esc won’t fit in my enclosure. Have dismantled the casing and left the base as its epoxied into it but could we not heat the epoxy up and melt it back down to revel the contacts ? Will try and get a pic of mine later.