Small 12s BMS Recommendations

I’m using an @Eboosted vanguard enclosure with 3x 4s lipos, and was planning on using a 12s d223 bms seen here:

But after looking through other’s posts it looks HUGE and looks as though there is no way it is going to fit. So does anyone have any recommendations on 50.6v mini bms?

Bestech D140, the only way to fly.


As charge only wired up, just in case that wasn’t clear anyhow :sweat_smile:


Awesome, will go for that. All the anti sparks that I’ve used are pretty bad, what is the anti spark that you find the most reliable? I was thinking bkb…

I haven’t used the BKB anti-spark switch, so I cannot say. I know Jared though and doesn’t sell crap. That being said, I have yet to use an AS that didn’t blow within a few weeks, max. I pretty much use loop keys as my default now.


The anti spark switch from @3DServisas and @Kug3lis is the only one on the market with a pre charge circuit. All the other switches get slightly damage after every use.

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Good 'ol XT-90S is what I live by, never failed me.

*except that one time my friend plugged it into his charge port and it welded itself in :thinking:

… don’t do that.


@mmaner hate to keep bugging you, on the bkb website it says the bms is 25mm tall. ???. On the spec sheet it says it is 2.1mm which makes more sense. Which one is right?

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Its certainly not 25mm. Ill measure one when I get home tonight but it’ll be late. I doubt its over 4mm.

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I’ve been wanting to try the Neptune 15

i guess the problem is solved then, I was thinking the bms was crazy tall, but if its under 5mm then I’ll go for it. thanks so much for all the help

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No worries, happy to help.

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