Small city cruiser conversion

Hey guys,

I got hooked (thanks Jason for the 450$ video). I probably spent double but it was worth every penny.

My board is 81cm cruiser with a single drive 245kv,6s 5000mah lipo, enertion vesc,15/35 and I need more torque and distance. Speed is not all that important, but I also dont wanna look like a complete dweeb. So max 25kmh is fine.

I wanna get a jet spud 29 and up the game with freebord bindings.

I was thinking of doing a 9s with BMS and a new motor. I guess 12s is not an option with vesc? I need your suggestion on which motor -maybe sk3 168 or 192kv? And where do i get a good 9s bms? Im based in EU, so i guess thats also a factor… Many thx

IMO the VESC is much weaker on 6s compared to Car ESC’s. I had a Tacon 295kv setup on 6s with an FVT ESC and would get about 24mph on it. Switch to VESC to test and would get 15-17mph. May be a setting but I just switched back and didn’t mess with it.

Jet Spuds are impossible to get your hands on.

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Im defs gonna try that out at some point. Btw, do you think this is a good parallel board for 3 5000mah zippys 3s?