Smart BMS bluetooth connection issues

I’m currently setting up the electrics on a build and I have the Smart BMS. There is a bluetooth dongle attached to this so that I can run the app on my Android phone. With the phone, I can see the bluetooth connection, but when I try to connect it keeps on coming up with the same error message “Unable to communicate with xiaoxiang BMS” Anyone else encounter this issue??

if I understood right @hemulius and @bartroosen12 have the same bms as you. Maybe they can help you

Maybe you got the wrong app. There are like 3 different apps and other versions and only 1 worked for me, Delete your app and try to instal this one: And otherwise send the seller a message, he will send you the correct version.

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Thanks for the info. Not sure whether it is an issue with my phone (Samsung G4) or just a ‘flaky’ bluetooth connection, but after numerous attempts, I have been able to get it to work. Just gotta hope that it continues to work for me now…

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Yeah sometimes it doesn’t work from try 1. Mostly the first or second try in my case. Just start the app, then it searched automatically -> press on the bms. If you get unable to connect -> just tap refresh and press on bms again then it must connect.

When I didn’t use the bluetooth app for like a day, I have to do it twice, it’s like you have to wake up the bluetooth module.

Thanks. Your description is pretty well what I went through today, but it took a little longer to want to wake up. I’ll keep trying over the next few days and hopefully, it will be a little more cooperative.