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Smart BMS killed first cell

Sorry to double post on another thread, but no one seems to have any answers… I built a 12s3p pack with Samsung 25r cells with a LTT/Xiaoxiang 10-15s bms wired as a middle man for charge and discharge image I had my belt break and school was starting so I put it aside for a couple of months. one day I decided to check in on it to make sure everything was good… The first cell was at ~0.15v the second was at ~2.5v while the rest where at ~3.7v!

I tried to leave it plugged in for a couple of days to hopefully fix the issue but no luck. Maybe the bms takes parasitic power from just the first cell? I dont think the bms draws that much power but maybe I’m wrong? I have a video of the wiring, I could upload it if that would help with diagnosis. Thanks for the help!

Edit: The multimeter confirms most of these readings, however the first cell shows 5.7mv and the second shows 3.8v