Smokey Focbox...... F%@K!

Money don’t grow on trees, aren’t you like 15?


50dollar is not the deal breaker on a whole board.

He only wants to tell the problem could have been worse


I suppose because its an Australian company, it should be obliged to comply with Australian consumer law?

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The question is are you buying from an Australian company?

Maybe this is one of the reasons they have no local shipping.

I was wondering the same thing when i ordered unity and saw options to buy warranty. I thought why buy I’m an aus customer this is an aus company warranty is always included in aus. So didnt get extra warranty. Search enertion abn they seam to say its an Australian private company.

Can anyone shed light on why the drv chips blow?

I think a major factor is voltage. They’re only capable of handling 60v, and occasionally (obv depending on setup) spikes above that occur

They hate us.

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Any Laptop/phone repair buisness that is worthy to be called repair buisness should be capable to replace a DRV8302 for small money. At least if you provide the part and state that you cover the labor and risk (that the repair fails if more than the DRV is done).

It’s a 5-15$ chip and maybe 20 min of work + flux, a hot air station and maybe a magnifying glass/ microscope thats it.


lol maybe in 2 years

I’ll give it a go thanks!