Smoothening of 3d model

Hi i have made 2 models for my electric longboard settup. I will be using 50 18650 batteries. But i need a way to get my 3d model smoothend up so is nice and even. I am not a genius at creating models, so i need some help. Either one that can do it for me or one that can tell me how.

Here is the STL files

I hope someone will help me

Need to know what material you are printing with. If you used abs, then acetone is a good way to smooth the print

Try filler primer, it fills up all the gaps between the build lines and can be sanded smooth afterwards.

If you send me the files I can see how I can fix it up. I’m helping out a few other people with CAD-ing

Hey, I’ll answer here :slight_smile: Sand it down with low grit sandpaper then use spray on spatula. Primer won’t be enough to fill the layers. Either use spray on spatula or go directly for spatula / glass fiber spatula on polymer basis. If using ABS just use acetone. But I heard it does no good concerning rigidity.

Thanks the files are in the Google Drive link

What kind of spray are referring to?

Sth. like this. I don’t know why its so expensive in the UK tho.

@TranxFu is right regular primer won’t work, what i meant is high fill, filler primer

Can you send me your STL files for the enclosure. I am building a board with 50 18650 batteries. And my dilemma is either to build it like you. Or fill the entire underboard up with sections maybe 5 sections.

What do you think?

Its right here. But I’d rather wait I’ll have an updated one up soon. As well as the other side.

Tbh I’d rather go with a big one if the flex of your board allows it. Its way easier to have one big enclosure.

If you print with ABS you can use acetone to smoothen prints. Look online or on youtube on how to do it and you’ll find many guides. The most common methods is to use acetone vapors like hanging the piece in a jar / container with acetone and leave it in the sun. Otherwise you can dissolve some ABS (from print scraps for example) in a jar with acetone and then use it as paint/filler, wear a mask and do it outside if you do it.

For PLA there are specific products (usually quite expensive?) and also you can sand the prints and prime/paint them.

Yes its also what i though would be best. I have seen the one you link to. But it has only space for 6S4P. You had more in the other pack you made. And what program do you use to make the models. I use Tinkercad but its just to difficult getting decent surfaces

I’m happy to do some CAD, But I don’t want to work with STL can you download as a .PRT file by any chance?

Yeah I had the same issue, . Stl files aren’t good for making edits to.

I’m using Siemens NX. I don’t know about Tincercad, never used it. I’d suggest you just watch some tutorials on youtube. You’ll get better in no time.