So Cal group ride July 1, 17

@dotruongq I work near Lincoln Heights, there is a LA river run nearby. PM me and we’ll set it up.

Gotta nut-n-bolt-n-charge,can’t make it. There is a hell of a whoop section bout a half mile north of steelhead park. Its a hell of a ride at speed.

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Cant make it guys, sorry. Have fun though and be safe. Ill try to make the next one.

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I can’t make it to this one, either. Hope to make the next one. Have fun and ride safe!

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Anybody here at the beach? Im in thr parking lot.

Big yellow Chrysler

Blue Infiniti at the venice parking lot by the little tennis courtd. I donr see you

323-243-3366 Ken

Morning ride went off without a hitch. Tow rope of shame stayed in the backpack. Had some breakfast at the pier, happy to have Ken along and the Stooges Behaved them selves. Short vid of the morning ride… Hey Ken the free world can see your phone #

I’m going to be out in SanDiego in early August and would really like to get something planned for then!

San Diego is a trip, set it up and we’ll help knock it down. As long as you don’t mind riding with the noise machine…:+1: