So Cal group ride July 1, 17

Ok, so the boys want to group ride Venice to Santa Monica and back on July 1. Being a holiday weekend and the amount of people flooding into this great ride spot, my thought is, could we beat the flood by doing this early. I would like some input from anyone familiar with the area as the best way to rig this ride day and nail down a meet and greet time. The ride is about 6 miles. Start point at The Venice Wailer, To the Santa Monica Pier and back. Open to All

Bring a mega phone so you can tell people to get the fuck outta the way


@Michaelinvegas , how its done!

I still wish I had a megaphone hahha

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Parking $6.00, lot opens at 6am.(hopefully the Google Earth photo isn’t 5 years old). Meetup time 07:30am to beat the crowd. 4 riders confirmed. If your gonna make it, post it so a head count can be made. Artie wants a 150’ drag race rematch, says eating a salad or two will ensure a win. I would like to instigate more of this behavior.!

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not sure if i’ll make it out there that early! but next week is another ciclavia. 6/11/17

Glendale this time, super smooth streets! 4-6 lanes wide! an one of my favorite down/up hills/tunnels.!"blank"

3 miles long. so the same 6mile round trip.

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@saul I looked up your event and still don’t know how to pronounce it. It looks like fun and I hope the spandex jockeys are good natured and don’t mind being passed. Count me in👍

4 riders confirmed. I’m down if anyone wants to throw a hot tune in their board and make a 150’ run.,:checkered_flag:

I’m still debating this one. Not sure I wan to fight the crowd on the weekend.:confused:

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idea of waking up anytime before 8:30am on a saturday is completely foreign to me.

i’ll try make the next one.

Just realised​ this on a Saturday. Can’t make it, Sunday would have been better for me

I’m interested in going, I’m guessing the plan is to ride down the boardwalk?

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We’re gonna run the bike path on the boardwalk… The early start will hopefully get us down and back before it gets jammed with people.

Dam exited, took all but 2deg of rear steer out and found wide open throttle this morning. Stable as 20mph.

Topped out the race board and the math is Good. Looking forward to July 1 ride.

Sounds good, Ill be there on my Koowheel.

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@Kensteverson My first e-sk8 group ride was this run, on my first build. Ate a motor, did a face plant when a stray napkin caught between my gears and had to make a batt swap toward the end. I have made a few improvements and looking forward to a problem free ride. Still gonna bring the “Tow Rope Of Shame”. Glad to have you along.

Damn, this looks fun. I’ll keep you posted.

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@NAT-Frank gonna be a get in early, beat the crowd . Hope you make it.

Roster for Sat morning ride: Biggs, Chuck, Artie, Ian, Ken. @NAT-Frank ? @saul ? @pennyboard ? @mccloed ? @thisguyhere zzzzzz sleeping in :+1:

Would love to join but work on weekend, i can join on week days so lmk, nice squad thou

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