So Cal Performance Day

Lots of smack talk going around about who has the fastest board. Well it’s time to prove it!

Date: Sunday, August 13, 2017 Time: 10am Location: 23600-23840 Madison St, Torrance, CA 90505-- Helmets required for official runs Performance Tests: 50m race (test of acceleration) Top speed radar test Figure 8 time attack- 50m cones x 5 laps (test of acceleration and turning)

I will bring my cameras and get some video of the event. I’ll also bring a radar gun so we can accurately measure top speeds. The records will be recorded and shared so that others can try and chase after your best times.

We will have 2 classes. Stock class- For production boards. Open to discussing the rules, but I think small changes like pulleys or wheels are fine, but no changes to programming, batteries, or motors. Open class- For custom boards. Do whatever you want to build the baddest beast around.

So who is in?

Confirmed so far: @NummThumz @MoeStooge @BigBoyToys @pennyboard @thisguyhere @psychotiller @DaviDjembe @ChrisChaput + waif @mccloed @Titoxd10001 Only lets me mention 10 users, but the following also confirmed: EliteEBoards JetskiMark


Dammit!!! All I have is my unmodified crutches…Maybe a couple of my boards can attend.


Do we need a wheelchair class? Bring your boards and a jockey. I’ll still be waiting on my Raptor 2, so I’m willing to hop on a spare board.

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You may not want to get back on that Raptor after you ride something nicer and more maneuverable though :joy:

I kid I kid


I’ll see if I can ride out with @Mccloed, @DaviDjembe, @ChrisChaput and Jerry


I’ll be there. I can’t promise my board will be a legitimate contender in any of the category’s, but I’ll show up to hang out and watch other people compete


tentative yes from me too.

i’m not all that confident in my riding abilities, maybe we can designate the best rider as the control, kind of like the stig on top gear.

@Titoxd10001 @yummyblobs @saul


Awesome. I will wait for your crew to confirm before I add them to the list.

Added. It will be fun just to be out there and watch the action. I can probably use some help (if you are open to it) with cameras since I will bring a couple out there.

Tentative? Do or do not…there is no try. :slight_smile: Completely understand about the confidence. Make a couple of runs and watch some of the good riders and I guarantee you will be a better rider at the end of the day.


i’m at a strange transition period in my work, so can’t say definitely if weekends are going to be free…sorry.

also, waiting for a bms to arrive, burnt out the first one during install.

will keep you posted.

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Nooooo, I would have join.

lol!! Jason is the only one really smack talking. No big deal… that’s his style :joy:. But I love what you’re organizing @NummThumz! I’ll be there with my V3 setup. We should also test the “smoothest” riding board and the one that handles best as well… all good things to consider besides just top speed and acceleration. Cheers for organizing this! Looking forward to skating with you all.


Sweet! I think the figure 8 test will give us an idea of handling. It will depend on the board and the rider. Open to other ideas to get at the smoothest aspect.

Sad thing is I don’t think we will have an R2 there this time, but we can run it back again in the future if this one goes well.

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This is awesome! Wish I was state side… Can not wait to see the video :grinning:

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Awesome, cant wait.

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May I suggest that you don’t make two out the three “performance” tests drag races?

Maybe keep the 50m or 100m drag race but then have a “top speed race” where each participant has ample room to build speed and get a “radar gun” time in the books. Then focus on something where you have to be able to corner over a much longer distance.

All this emphasis on doing a “stunt” that’s over with in a few seconds doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If it’s something that we never do on our own for fun, we shouldn’t act as if THAT is the essence of electric skateboarding. My 2 cents …

@chaka Ship me a dog for this fight and I’ll drag race it on your behalf!


Sure. I’m open to that. So maybe keep the 50m for acceleration. I think the 100 would basically go to the board with the top speed anyways. Then add a top speed run with radar gun speed as the measurement. The figure 8 time attack is going to be about cornering over a distance. I think that one should be 5 laps…maybe 10, so it’s really about getting into and out of the corners and putting some speed in before the next turn. Does that cover the cornering over a longer distance?


I think I jave some cones we can can use to set up a course and make start and finish lines. Anyone else have any?

Im open to any catagory anyone can come up with to compare boards assuming time and space permits.

Yeah, I’ve got 10 small cones that we can use. I also have a 100m measuring tape for marking off the exact distance.

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I’m pretty sure that I have some green ones! I’ll check when I’m at the shop tomorrow.

Right now I’m reaching out to my 75 pound waif of an ex girlfriend to see if she still has the knee pads and leather outfits that I bought her. She can jockey my rocket in the drag race. I don’t look nearly as good in drag …


Perfect. Added you and the waif to the list of attendees.

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