So Cal Performance Day

I agree. That setup can be customized to suit the situation. Which when you think about racing…that’s ideal. I’ve never seen anything like it so very interested to learn.

Posted about performance day on Reddit and someone brought up ciclavia taking place that day. They shut down certain streets in LA to car traffic and allow walkers and bikers (assuming eakate is allowed too) to use them instead. It’s happening Sunday from 9-4 and runs from San Pedro to Wilmington. Don’t think it will impact us, but might be an option for those that want a cruise after the days events.

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Sorry had some stuff this week… so I would of posted up for you much sooner

Any pictures or video…send my way…I’ll push it


Cool, a little wobble/ fish tail there as you went past the second time. Was the back end breaking traction? or rubbish on the road @MoeStooge? Was that balls to wall? How fast do you think 39mph or? should we wait till sunday?

You know if you win anything on Sunday you are going to get slammed with even more requests from people wanting a stooge-board :sunglasses:

That is booking and without the damper… do you find it attenuates wobbles at a certain speed or frequency? can’t wait to see you hooking it tomorrow :smiley:

Daaaaaaaaaaamn! That thing sounds like a jet engine going by. Too cool!

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I could be wrong, 8s-1350kv-15t-72t-77mm wheel? that’s like 75mph…LOL You need to make t-shirts dude, like the busa guys wear that clock over 300kph

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Just the way you like it

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If your wheels are 77mm my math says 45mph! Cant wait to see your beast board in person tomorrow.


Hope some one is getting pics and video

Feel free to send via text 702-505-0371 (yeah it’s my cell- don’t care )

Don’t even have to label it…just shoot it to me…I’ll know it’s u guys


do you have a build thread for this

if youre talking about my tiny build, no build thread yet! I didnt take very many pictures of the build process and honestly was mostly just soldering connectors. Maybe I’ll try to throw one together at the airport…im gonna show up super early to see if i can get through with it in my carry on bag and if all goes well, ill have several hours to kill! otherwise I gotta take the board back home before I fly

good luck!

if you make the batteries detachable it should be fully flight-legal

As it should be :sunglasses: can’t wait to see this in person

I’m a maybe for tomorrow. If I go it will be for an hour or 2.

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I lost a mosfet switch at full speed this evening. Geez, looks like Im gonna have to go the loop key route too. This is my 3rd switch in the last 3 months. Sure glad I know they suck and have a spare I can use for tomorrow lol.

I also found out tonight that we are likely to have interference issues between each others remotes. @MoeStooge, are u using a GT2B as well? My three boards all run them and were all driving each other tonight.


This is the switch I use. $5 from Lowe’s. Has lasted me for over a year without fail. People tell me I’m crazy for using it instead of an anti-spark switch, but the more I hear about those failing, the more I think keeping it simple is the way to go

Thats rated for 20A, Im running 150A lol