So I have no idea what I'm doing, will these components all work together?

I want to first of all say I’m sorry if I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m new to all this and this was my first attempt at making a parts list so please go easy on me :grin:. Also, how would I got about adding a power indicator and a power button?

Electronic parts -


Battery (x2):




Thing for connecting the batteries in series:

Thing to solder onto the positive and negative wires of the ESC:

To connect batteries to ESC:

To connect batteries to charger:

Mechanical Parts -

Motor mount:

Pulley Set and belt:

Ps I already have the longboard, with Paris 180 trucks.

Yes, those will all work, however I’ve got a few suggestions.

First, on the ESC, if you’re going spend $110, you should get a VESC. It’s specifically made for electric skateboards and will give you a lot more customization ability.

Second, on the motor mount, I don’t think it’ll work very well with paris trucks, it’s more squared off trucks, such as the caliber 2 trucks.

Third, I’m not sure how good that gearing is, as I haven’t ever used it, but it may be low quality and you could find yourself having to replace it in a few months so my advice is start off with better quality gearing and save money down the line.

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Hey! nice build! i need to say that i´m with @pennyboard you should get a VESC for that money… i would recomen the one from DIYE diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ its $100 so $10 cheaper for maybe upgrade your pulley… i would recomen the ones from they too here is the link too diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/36t-abec-drive-pulley-belt-combo-kit/ and i recommmend because they include the screws to mount the pulley in the Wheel but this ones in particular is for flywheel or clones… so consider that and for last! diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/male-male-servo-connector/ this connector so you can Cconnect VESC to your RC Receiver.

ps: take pictures of your longboard and the process plz!

and Happy build!


Just to add onto this. Here is the list with commonly used parts:

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I have changed it to a VESC, I got so invested in finding a cheap ESC that I didn’t realise it started to cost more! I was thinking about that, would it be possible to file down the edges of the trucks to make them more square instead of getting new trucks? I will use the money saved on the VESC to upgrade the gearing.

I will do all of those upgrades, I had looked at those exact ones at the start of planning but I started looking at ESC as they were cheaper, but I got so invested in ESC’s that I didn’t realise it started to cost more!

I will be ordering all the parts this weekend, I am also going to order some XT90-S’s to make a loop key instead of dropping $60 on a power button, which is a ridiculous amount.

Pictures will be on the way!

That is a very useful list, thank you!

Yes you can!.. it would cost work but i read people doing it so not problema i think!

and plz take photo of your progress we love that!

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I will, ordering the parts tomorrow!

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edit your list with the parts that you are going to get! :wink: